Statement for Meeting at Westminster, 25 Jan 2011

Here’s what I would have said, if the House of Commons meeting had taken another course:

In 1988-89 I and a friend, at great personal risk to ourselves, gave information to a DCI of South Wales Police in Swansea, and The Custom’s and Excise, MPs, the Tax man and a whole host of regulatory bodies, concerning the supply of weaponry to terrorists by British arms dealers. All of this was covered up because the Government of Margaret Thatcher was involved; indeed Michael Heseltine had provided one of these arms dealers with the war catalogues.

(Q) What will the families of our fallen and injured soldiers say when they learn that their son’s and daughters could have well been killed fighting an illegal war with weapons supplied by our own government?

In 1994 I started reporting to the senior management of The London + Manchester Assurance Co the illegal practices some of its Area Managers were getting up to; e.g. dealing in forged £10 notes, stolen sports equipment, falsification of documents, forging clients’ signatures and once again a whole host of other crimes.

And for my efforts, what happened? I was threatened that if I didn’t stop doing this and back off, that my life would be ruined. Needless to say I never backed off and they carried out their threat. Which leads me into my next statement.

In 1996 I was diagnosed with ischemic heart disease and extensive withering and put on the following medication; Monocor 5mg, Aspirin 75mg, Imdur 60mg, Istin 10mg, Cipramil 20mg Simvastatin 20mg Nitro lingual pump spray. I also (because of the side affects) had to take Declofenac, anti inflammatory tablets and on several occasions had to have Cortisone injections.

Since realising that the Company of London + Manchester had carried out their threat, I have been given information from ‘outside’ the medical profession that I should stop taking my medication that I didn’t need it and ‘never had’.

Then I started to get evidence together and what I have found just cannot be denied: e.g. forged doctors signatures, falsified documents, false appointment (an appointment at Prince Philip Hospital dated the 21st December 1998) that was on a day when I wasn’t even in Wales.

And once again the cover up is beyond belief. This cover up has been by the Police, MPs, The GMC, my own GP’s practice, Edwina Hart Health Minister for Wales, and once again, a whole host of other regulatory bodies.

At this point I will add, just to substantiate what I have written, that two heart specialists after sending me for ‘two’ brain scans, heart and lung X-Ray’s, spinal X-Rays, blood tests etc, can tell me everything is normal and write this to my GP, and I quote from their letter to my GP dated 27th November 2009, some 14 yrs after I had been put on all this medication, “as he is asymptomatic and has been for some time, anti antianginal medication is ‘not absolutely necessary.”

At this moment in time I have been completely medication free for over three years. For twelve years I suffered constant chest pain, fainting, blackouts, self harming, slurred speech, noises in my head, and numbness in my arms and hands. Although the numbness in my hands is still something that happens on occasions and I still suffer the noises in my head, these complaints have drastically reduced since the cessation of the prescribed medication. I believe this practice is called ‘giving them the liquid cosh’ and is a very widely used method of reducing complainants to very near mental melt down, and when that happens, as I have learnt just recently, the Police turn up at your address with a doctor and a social worker and have you sectioned under the mental health act. How evil and stupid can people become just to protect their own job or their promotion prospects?

I’m sure you can already see a pattern emerging: these people are being covered up at the highest levels by the Police and Government, and MPs are hiding behind the so-called strict rules of protocol. The evidence that I have can not be disputed in any way, shape or form, but it can be covered up, and that is what all the authorities I have mentioned in this summary are trying to do.

But I believe the truth will come out; if it doesn’t then God help us all, because these people will cause a third world war to happen rather than lose their wealth and power by being exposed.

I have attended this meeting of the 25th January 2011 at Westminster hoping to meet just one honest politician or person who has the authority and courage to expose the criminal behaviour of very senior Police and Government officials.

Or are they all going to back off in case they are the next to be victimized and have their own lives ruined?

My case is not an isolated case, it is a widespread practice, and, if it is left to carry on unabated, then I fear for the next generation and for all the vulnerable people in our society. It seems Dr Harold Shipman was also given the privilege of  this cover up and protection, remember he was brought in for questioning by the Police on several occasions and let go with no action taken; trouble is it took over 30 yrs before he was eventually brought to justice, and of course 300 murdered patients too late.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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