Dear Prime Minister: Exposing Paedophilia and Police Not Investigating Crimes

Child abuse mapThe time has come for me to let the Prime Minister and my Roman Catholic Church know what I know, leaving them no excuse not to act.

Here is the press coverage that supports my exposure of paedophilia and police corruption in Ammanford and Dyfed Powys.

And here’s my email:

Dear Prime Minister,

Re: Exposing Ammanford – The Paedophile’s Playground and Dyfed Powys Police Corruption

I understand that correspondence sent to you is censored by a civil servant and that this person decides whether or not you should be given sight of it. I mention this in my opening paragraph because I would hate for you not to see this account of truth, when I intend to send it to quite a lot of other people that should be concerned about what I am about to reveal in this document.

The list will include a large number of clergy, priests, Bishops, etc. Too often people in authority shout about matters like child abuse, paedophilia etc, but then do nothing constructive to bring the offenders to book.

Unfortunately I believe you are falling into this category. You make statements and then nothing happens, e.g. you stated publicly that you had ordered the re-opening of the Madeleine McCann investigation and that no expense would be spared, well that is just as bad as the Sun Newspaper advertising that they are running a Madeleine McCann appeal and stating; any information you have no matter how insignificant it may seem, will be welcomed, what a load of hogwash.

Why do I say it’s hogwash? Because, on Thursday 18th August 2011 I contacted Mike Sullivan,the Crime Editor of the Sun Newspaper, telling him I had information that the McCanns should be made aware of and also stated that I wanted to give them this information personally. Because I did not trust the police, he agreed to meet me, but never kept the appointment. I spoke to Mike on several occasions and he kept on agreeing to meet me regarding this matter but never did. Since the news of his arrest over illegal payments to the police were published, I wonder did his police friends put him off talking to me??

Deciding I had to put my reservations about the police to one side, I phoned New Scotland Yard on Thursday 8th September 2011 at exactly 18-20pm and spoke to a woman called Nicky, telling her I needed to speak to someone regarding their investigation. At 20-55pm exactly Nicky phoned me back telling me that someone from the murder squad would contact me at 9am the next day Friday the 9th September 2011.

Since then I have heard nothing. So how can it be that your good self and the Sun Newspaper make these statements to the British electorate? Is everything just sound bites and propaganda?

Why didn’t I want to go to the police? Well from the experiences I have had trying to expose corruption and cover up within The Financial Services, The Courts and The Police, how can I trust anyone in authority, especially when I believe that Police, Doctors, Social Workers and a whole host of other professional bodies, are involved in child trafficking and paedophilia?

And that last statement brings me to explain the reason I headed this correspondence Ammanford the Paedophiles Playground. Paedophilia is common place here and most of those being exposed are Policemen, Judges or Social Workers. I have made it my business to attend the family courts and see the illegal ways and practices the judiciary, solicitors, social services etc use to take children from their parents and put them up for adoption. The whole lot stinks and it is now becoming well known that these authorities have cottoned on to just how lucrative a market the trafficking of children is.

I don’t believe it’s just the money. I believe it’s to satisfy the perversions of those people that lust after children. Just months ago a Satanic paedophile ring that had been operating for 30 years in Dyfed Powys was exposed and just yesterday an IT manager in a school nearby was caught in possession of 400,000 images of children. 750 of those images were cat 5, the worst category, and he had been getting away with it for decades!

But what do you expect when numerous police officers have been caught doing exactly the same thing? Just two weeks ago an Inspector and three others were charged with paedophilia and procuring children to commit indecent acts. And when the Ex Chief Constable Mr Terrence Grange (now deceased) made statements to the media saying if a man has sex with a thirteen or fourteen year old girl, he should not be classed as a paedophile!!! How can a serving police officer make statements like that? Don’t you think that’s suspicious? Especially when he was heading some special child protection unit?  If you don’t then do you think it’s suspicious when that same Chief Constable is later sacked for fiddling expenses and protecting a paedophile judge?

The Ammanford Police seem more intent on covering up crime than they are exposing it, and I say that because I have had first hand experience of that cover up personally. If any crime reported in Ammanford concerns Doctors, the police, AMs, councillors or indeed any professional person, you may as well not bother reporting it, because it will only be whitewashed and ignored, leaving you frustrated and disillusioned with the justice system in the UK.

I like most people I know, are completely and utterly fed up hearing the ridiculous sound bites that dribble out of the mouths of our so–called leaders like poison syrup. Your own backbenchers probably hit the nail on the head when the comment was made that you and your chancellor George Osborne are just a couple of posh boys with little understanding of the real hardships they are imposing on the great British working and the so called middle class inhabitants of this Island. The perfect example of a ridiculous and quite insulting sound bite came from you, and it was this: we are all in this together. What planet are you from; let me give you the perfect example; of the two tier system that separates the haves from the have nots.

It has been widely reported that you and your wife left your young daughter in a public house because you forgot she was with you. The truth is I can relate to that, but if we are all in it together and the law is the law and the rules must be applied to all, why have you still got your children living with you? Have you had your hair sample taken for alcohol and drugs tests? Have you been attending parenting classes? If the answers to those questions are no, then withdraw that silly and insulting comment you have made. Because just over 2 miles from where I am now; a young Irish couple have had their children taken off them for doing the same thing as you, except, they didn’t leave their children in the pub. The mother left them in the living room of their house in front of the TV watching their favourite DVD and went to get her husband from the pub (not her children) because after suffering several miscarriages in the past, she panicked. When she started to bleed, she wanted her husband with her, which I can understand.

So why haven’t you had the same scrutiny and imposed treatments as they have had to endure? The truth is we are so not in it together and the sooner people wake up to that fact, the sooner we can rid our society of this cancer of protected corruption among the people who run our lives. The policy of the last government and what this government seems to be carrying on is; the banks, big businesses and all powerful people are just too powerful to prosecute.

Well the way to stop them holding a gun to your head threatening to leave the City of London, is to make them criminals and that stops or should stop them ever gaining employment in any position where they have access to peoples monies and pensions etc, find them guilty by examination instead of covering up their crimes because Britain will get a bad name, it’s as if you think the world isn’t watching.

I am sitting here watching Bob Diamond the ex CEO of Barclays Bank squirm and grass the other banks up; he seems to be putting up as his defence argument this, that because the other banks were paying a lesser rate than Barclays then that disadvantaged Barclays and that Barclays was too big a concern to fail; so he was forced into committing a crime and it looks like the government overlooked this for the same reason. What a joke, don’t they know we are all in this together? So let’s asset strip him and all the previous offenders and that puts The London & Manchester Assurance Co now merged with Friends Provident aka LMAFP my nemesis, the most corrupt company you can imagine.

I furnished every regulatory body that has ever been put in place with evidence to prove my allegations, and every one of them, Police included, has systematically covered up these crimes repetitively and in the same openly corrupt way. They have done this with thousands of other cases like mine and they (the whistleblowers) have and still are experiencing the same bully boy tactics that are imposed on all whistleblowers: first, ruin them financially, make them homeless and penniless, and if they continue on trying to blow the whistle, then claim they are delusional and nothing but a vexatious litigant and finally have them sectioned for life; unbelievable isn’t it?

But it’s true and I can’t believe that you don’t know it’s true. Every day a new scandal is being exposed. It’s a pattern that fits exactly with what I and thousands of others like me have been trying to inform the Great British Public is happening, but since, as everyone knows, the newspapers are controlled by the Government of the day, hence the reason The Express, NOW and other Murdoch media would not print anything on the arms deals I reported instead of just letting them carry on unabated? It stinks, but too big to challenge, aye.

It’s a sick joke but it’s not a bad dream: it’s a reality and if someone doesn’t pick up the gauntlet and make such an example of some of these super powerful criminals, then we are on a certain path to total and utter despair. BBC News on 5th July 2012 another 25 needless deaths are under investigation at St Mary’s Hospital Trust in Charing Cross.

The only good thing I can quote is that some professionals are having a tussle with their conscience and blowing the whistle; but how long they will be prepared to carry on telling the truth is debateable, because his life will be ruined. The person I refer to, is Professor Patrick Pullicino. He states that Doctors are using LCP (Liverpool Care Pathway) as a pathway to euthanasia for old people for financial reasons and “to ease bed blocking”.

Once on this treatment they usually die within 33 hrs, and this kills off at least 130,000 patients a year needlessly! But it appears the massive saving made by the Treasury by not having to pay these poor victims the pension that they have worked for and paid into for all their working lives.

If like me you start to try and expose crime in large powerful institutions, the first thing the system does, is class you as a vexatious complainant, and try to bully you into submission. If that fails and you get started in pushing your concerns into the courts, you become a vexatious litigant and they will have you sectioned into a mental institute for life. I can prove this is the case especially in Wales, where the only difference between a Psychiatrist and a Psychopath is the spelling.

Being informed of the situation as it is here in Wales, any lack of action on your behalf makes you culpable.

Could you please answer this correspondence and not just ignore it, like seems to be the normal way of doing things by Governments, when they have no answers or the remedy would just be too costly. Although I have stated I received no reply from the two prime ministers I gave this information to, I have their reply confirming receipt of my correspondence. I understand you and your Cabinet have some very difficult problems to solve; e.g. how to blame the unemployed for being responsible for starting the Third World War that we are slowly but surely being driven into, so I repeat to you something I said to Tony Blair in 2001: You are either apart from this evil or you are a part of it, Which one is it Mr Cameron???

In finishing, I would ask you to scrutinise the attachments I have provided. They are reported incidents and not from my lips but they are giving credence to all I have stated.

Yours sincerely

Peter Bellett (long term whistleblower)

PS. Tony Blair and dozens of Labour MPs, the PIA, FSA Parliamentary Ombudsman, Financial Services Ombudsman and a whole host of others have had this information for years and aided in the cover up. They don’t seem to believe we are all in this together. And if I may suggest; talk to Peter Killfoyle or Tony Benn, because I have corresponded with them and others repeatedly over the past 12 years.

Yesterday I witnessed the bitter and vitriolic exchange of words between George Osborne and Ed Balls, where Ed Balls told your Chancellor, ‘to shut up or put up’. Well, if George Osborne wants to ‘put up’, then I can give him evidence that Balls was in it up to his neck. Ed’s surname is very appropriate because that’s what you need to lie not only to the House of Commons but to lie in front of a Television audience.

Ask him about Mr Magee Englefield and my meeting with him, before he was seconded from the corrupt PIA, where he was their chief investigator, into the FSA.

What a joke, the man sat at my table and exclaimed when I showed him ‘some’ of the evidence of corruption I had, and I quote; we must ‘stop’ this from getting out because of the affect it will have on the investors.

What a joke aye, but what a load of questions this gives George Osborne the chance of asking Ed Balls, or, is this a bit too much for the General Public to comprehend and therefore it’s best it’s all kept quiet?

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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19 Responses to Dear Prime Minister: Exposing Paedophilia and Police Not Investigating Crimes

  1. Carnabwth says:

    No wonder Jonathan Edwards MP refused to meet with you.
    Also discriminated against you another Caseworker in his constituency.
    They all eat from the same trough protecting their bretheren at whatever consequences to others.

    • Alan Tait says:

      I have many recordings made from inside the mines and tunnels in Ammanford.

      Attempts were made on our lives, the Police did nothing.

      Just Google search Alan tait ammanford

      Best regards


  2. barbara says:

    I do agree with your comments/coruption is in the highest of places/this has to stop/they put an odd case in just to say theye are on top of the problem/Not at all it sickens me to read these things,I read with one eye because they should be shot( mind you would need a fully loaded big gun)

  3. chrisang34 says:

    I have a bitter taste in my mouth after having first hand experience of the so called professionals after disclosing information regarding a peodophile rings involving doctors police social workers etc etc as a mother it is my duty is it not to report the disclosure of sexual abuse from my little girls mouth to the authorities my little baby girl even had the courage to tell the doctor at Alderhey hospital, this man even consoled my own mother when she heard my child speak of the abuse to him then guess what? My daughter was about to be put through forensics when a member of the family liaison team from the police had it all stopped . This corrupt doctor said my child had not disclosed anything even denying the creams he had give to me for my babies sore bottom claiming I was mentally ill. My babies father was already dragging me through the corrupt family courts for custody saying I was mentally ill yet I was studying at degree level in mental health myself and passing with flying colours. I never ever changed what I had to say never allowed to make statements nothing then the day before a custody hearing the police social services and 3 psychiatrists burst into my home removing my baby saying I was going to murder her they had no warrant and they tried to section me it did not happen and to everyone’s surprise I was in court the next day at the hearing were I heard that the social worker had planned for this to happen for me to be sectioned and custody given to the perpetrator obviously that time it didn’t work . I continued with my parents to expose this ring and then was sectioned 3 times 6 months at a time even threatened with ect and forced medication my diagnosis a delusional disorder well no medication iin the world will take away my experience as its no delusion

  4. Dear Peter Bellett Sir & Madam Chrisang 34 ,I with 3 others ,formed a self-help group to contest our separate ( but associated ) alleged CONSTRUCTIVE dismissals from British Steel P.L.C. (We all 4 of us ,expressing our misguided loyalty to the firm )– individually became WHISTLE-BLOWER’s about the diverse corruptions , discovered by us separately. We got together as a ” LEGAL-SELF- HELP -GROUP “. Odd’s on again’st it BUT 2 out of 4 got arrested ,& instantly “Chucked into NUTHOUSES ” , whilst the 3rd one STAN EMBLING ( Victims Unite Site No. 10 ) Was offered a psycho-smear inner-view @ RAMPTON PRISON (many miles from Scunthorpe ) .Which it was claimed would help him win his law cases against British Steel P.L.C. & his Union (allegedly both were criminally involved in money-manipulations of £ M’s of E.E.C. ” Grant -Aid ” Diverted into their own POCKET “Projects ” ) . I claim the drug unlawfully administered to me was done so as to ” MURDER ” me (thus shut my mouth neglectfully ) .Dave Patterson was due the same but (ESCAPED ) .Some thanks to STAN EMBLING ( V/U No. 10 ). “Know these VIPER’s by their evil ways “. ” Et Libera Nos A Malo ” : Allegedly even the Pope is a ” Satanist Freemason ” see his SATAN two-fingered hand symbol on “Google “… (Google ) ” YURI BEZMENOV ” ; Whom exposes how perverts would become “THE ELITE ” in our society & ” DO AWAY ” with our Christian beliefs to implement the NEW-WORLD-ORDER of ZIONIST Communism against the will of the people of the World’s wishes . (Google The Hollie Grieg Sex-SCANDAL case in Aberdeen Scotland to further view how the Satanic Elite operate in FULL-VIEW ) . Oh by the way Hett Stubs & Kemp (SCUNTHORPE ) manipulated £27,000 COST’s against STAN trying to bankrupt his family & take his house .STAN still has not got return of his much needed personal , original documents returned because PAUL STEPHENSON & DAMION McALINNEY’s obvious corrupt actions against STAN whilst he paid hard earned cash for their JACKAL-LIKE representations . God Bless You All , JIM .

    • Anonymous says:

      God bless you Albert
      I am a whistle blower that brought to my Management’s attention unlawful conduct of fellow employees.
      How little did I know that the rot and culpability went right to the top and beyond.
      It was in a Local Authority and involved Councillors, external auditors which led to wrongful misleading data for committee and public scrutiny.
      How patterns develop in the standard treatment of whistleblowers. Treared like pariahs, paranoid, delusional and in need of Sectioning.
      Strange how whistle blowers that have lawful cause to expose wrongdoing get treated like lepers of society.

  5. Dear Anonymous Sir ,I agree your comments . Much earlier I suggested to SABINE that a petition or a specific place could be created within (The V/U . site ) .Name it “OUT THE JUDGES – & PUBLIC AUTHORITIES “. As everybody knows they all have , or can access ,ANY ” nitpicking ” DETAIL ( or : record / videotape ) against us ,THEIR PAYMASTERS ! They have immediate access to an army of ( Biased ? ) inquiry agents at their fingertips , & often seen they use them ( against US ) . Over the years we have read about BENT JUDGES being FOUND -OUT ,being immoral YEA ,some treasonous ? Remember the (judge ? ) found-out having his (underage ? ) Boyfriend sitting on the Lawbench with him ? The 50 or so Cop’s caught with hard-core Kiddy-porn in their possession ? LABOUR 25 now 36 convicted of KIDDY-fiddling ? These Cretins were not suddenly BENT upon their conviction’s ,but surely were BENT all their lives ? WE need to use their TOOL’s . Where they live ; enables US to check for Skeletons in their cupboards of depravity , YES ? ? ? Then ask their friends , associates , & neighbor’s this : “has this person got something to KEEP hidden ” ? THEN SIMPLY PUT OUR SWEET CHOICE IS TO PUBLISH anything unsavory , immoral ,or unsatisfactory , about THEM…….Then OUT & get rid of them , YES ? God Bless You All , JIM .

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Albert,
      With you 100%.
      Alex Hammonds “butties” in the Welsh Assembly have done exactly the same in the case of Linda Lewis.
      Just as they have with a number of victims in Wales.
      But holding Coke and Viagra parties at the public expense can have affect on logical thoughts. As a result the people who put them there are no longer matters of concern.
      The Judge and the rent boy, Terry Grange the ex Chief Constable of Dyfed Powys Police that promoted paedophilia, his protected Paedo Judge from Powys are all fully documented.
      It will come out Albert.
      I have said all along that there should be a database of crooked
      1, Police Officers (Even though I believe something similar has already been done)
      2 Civil Servants.
      3 Local Government Officers
      4 Last but not least power crazed Social Workers.
      I am only choosing to be Anonymus for a short period Albert, as I have a child in mainstream education, but, just wait. I will not be Anonymous for long.
      Those that follow Luciferian ways, will use the children to try and silence parents.
      Inequality and discrimination does not end with the Whistleblower.
      The treatment by the Authorities extend to his / her children!
      Just as Peter has exposed documented evidence, there are many more with tales to tell.
      What I will say is – in 2006 there was a gathering of over 200 people in the heart of the Paedophilia playground of Wales.
      That place was Carmarthen, West Wales. People that travelled the length and breadth of the UK.
      Despite Adam Price MP being present who only perked up when the name of the Assistant Chief Constable Andy Edwards (the ACPO Prince that abused MAPPA to have people under unwarranted surveillance and Sectioned as secret prisoners) was mentioned.
      No one listened to those People.
      No one listens to this day.
      Nothing has changed!
      Perhaps soon; and very soon; someone will.
      Take care my friend. Keep the faith.

  6. Dear All , ” It tek’s a lang spune tae sup w’i a Fifer ” . Consider Alec Salmond , “GREAT ORATOR “, on Scottish ” DEMOCRACY ” ?, Flashing eyed , kissable lipped , sweet rounded buttocks , & others of the top ” Legal Profession ” perhaps similarly appended . WHOM have thrown HOLLIE GRIEG “To the wolves of depravity ” ,& further have ” SPAT IN THE FACE OF GOD “, By unlawfully manipulating the Scottish system of Law to jail the excellent , honest , dedicated , investigative journalist , & prospective M.P. Mr. ROBERT GREEN whose only CRIME was to EXPOSE The filthy VERMIN “abiding ” in the much honored land , birth-place of the great poet SIR RABBIE BURNS ( I bet he could make better verse , than I , on this obscene , shabby titty -hilarious PARODY of misuse of NOBLE ( mayhaps NOBBLE type SCOTS- LAW ? ) ??? …… SABINE dear we urgently need an ” OUT THEM ALL ” site ; ” How about that now ” ? (JIMMY SAVILL : Quote : alleged PEDO . ) ? God Bless YOU All , JIM .

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why are those in Carmarthenshire particularly Ammanford not being investigated as part of paedophilia investigations. Why are those investigating the disappearance of Madaline McCann not looking at links to Ammanford.
    Could it be that those part of the Terry Grange the Paedophiles’ Friend’s gang are still within Dyfed Powys Police and need to protect careers, pensions and their band of brothers.
    Terry Grange the former Chief Constable led by example. In the Paedophile’s Playground of Carmarthenshire he and his Paedo friend – the Powys Judge allowed protection to those that enjoyed such Luciferian conduct. With Terry Grange dead and the Saville wave rolling into South Wales exposing his many playgrounds; perhaps it is time to start filling buses and round these people up.

  8. Tonia Pound says:

    Hello My name is Tonia Pound and i,m in Sydney Australia, My stepfather worked for Friend,s Provident in Sydney and i survived the satanic Sexual Abuse, however i have been completely shut down by the system here, locked in psychiatric wards , heavily drugged and labelled Paranoid Delusional. My health insurance records have dissappeared off the system , allong with all social services records that i have worked in the past 20yrs , tax records dissappeared and all superannuation records are off the system. My stepfathers best friend from university in London is a High court judge in Honk Kong and i believe it has all been shunted through the system .. My stepfather has also embezzelled funds i invested , thrown out all my clothing and jewellery , threatened to murder me and i,ve reported all this to police and gotten nowhere. I am so relieved to have read your statements and am living testimony to the corruption in the system.If you have anymore information on the FRiends Provident Company let me know . I am now 46yrs old and my life has been completely destroyed.

  9. Tonia Pound says:

    To add yes i ended up homeless and penniless as you have stated . I was previosly a business manager on $150 000 plus and have travelled alot of the world dancing as i was previously a ballerina based in London. Thankgod i,ve read your article and realised i,m NOT mad.

  10. Tonia Pound says:

    More food for thought , my mother was an Oxford University educated Occupational Therapist who emigrated to Aust in 1969 and met said stepfather. In the late 70,s when i was around 14 i was in her office at work and she had all this information on Satanic Ritual Abuse cults and i realised what she was doing , investigating . Several years later she was framed by Dr,s at the hospital and went through a 2 yrs court caes, she lost and was allowed to go to work but not to do any work . I was locked in the same psychiatric hospital my mother worked at although this is technically illegal and also under the treatment of one of the dr,s that shut her down.It all goes round in circles.

    • Your story is another shock in my treatment of ‘shock therapy’, Tonia!

      I seriously hope that you will entirely trust your spirit to KNOW what it is right for you!

      Material conditions do NOT matter.

      Just your witnessing and you doing the right things for yourself!

      Thank you soo much for sharing your experiences!

  11. Tonia Pound says:

    I choose to live peaxefully and privately and have a minimalistic attitude these days. I know the truth of my story and thats all that matters to me these days and they haven,t taken away my dignity.

  12. Alan Tait says:

    I have many recordings made from inside the mines and tunnels in Ammanford.

    Attempts were made on our lives, the Police did nothing.

    Just Google search Alan tait ammanford

    Best regards


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