Dear Prime Minister again – Re Osborne’s Coke Habit

Dear Prime Minister,

In addition to my last email to you (which has received no response from you as yet) I feel I must send this as a follow up. And I will copy and paste the article (for your ease of reference) that has made me feel I should resort to sending this.

In my last email I questioned whether or not you had been sent for parenting classes and if you had been tested for drugs and alcohol. This I might add is not your failing; it is the failing of the Social Services, probably because they like so many others don’t believe we are all in it together and maybe they don’t want to appear presumptuous in asking you to be treated like the rest of society.

But if anyone should be tested for drugs it’s your chancellor George Osborne (let’s face it he has a proven and reported track record of drug abuse). The reason I put to you for him being tested is quite simple: he is the person responsible for causing so much misery and suffering to the less fortunate and vulnerable members of our society by imposing such harsh austerity measures upon them. I mean who in their right mind would sink to such low depths as to impose or try to impose a pasties tax? Come on now, that in itself doesn’t appear to have been the thinking of a sound and clear mind. How can this man be left in a position of power such as he has that affects the lives of so many of the most feeble and poorly represented members of the UK?

You and your party rely heavily on what is termed as the votes of the blue rinse brigade and yet as is reported in the article I sent referring to the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) being used as legal euthanasia, I understand they cost a lot of money, now they are retired, but for God’s sake we have to draw the limit on just how evil the system can be, don’t you think?

You may not be interested in what I said in my last E-Mail about the lack of response from The Police concerning the McCann girl or even about the information about the financial watch dogs turning a blind eye to the information I provided to all of them. The corruption I encountered in the financial services as early as 1996 was plenty of time to have stopped the financial chaos we are suffering today and you might not want to bother about the attempt by doctors (and all the proof) to kill me.

But this chancellor of yours is still in a position that wields the power between the life and death of our most vulnerable members of society. You must do something now, don’t put the faith in him that you did in Andy Coulson (who by coincidence is also mentioned in the article pertaining to George Osborne).

Naturally I will be forwarding this E-Mail to others because I presume you won’t take much notice, unless others in a more prominent and powerful position than I am in, bring this matter to your attention; which, once again, highlights the fact that we ain’t all in this together.

The revelations about George Osborne seem reminiscent of the revelations the Mandy Rice Davies and Christine Kieler affair brought to light and eventually brought the Government down. I would keep that in mind before you put your complete faith and support to your chancellor, once again I repeat just like you did with Andy Coulson.

Yours very sincerely

Peter Bellett

Pete Lucas.


ARTICLE: Conservative M.P. George Osborne: Cocaine and Hookers

by Watt Tyler

ABC Australia has the golden interview. Key allegations from former sex worker Natalie Rowe:

“I mean it’s been said in the newspapers that he was at university. He wasn’t. At the time he was working for William Hague. I remember that vividly because he called William Hague insipid and I didn’t know what the word meant. I do now. So he definitely was in government by then but I think he was getting more and more of a high profile. So there was definitely, there was cocaine on that night on the table. George Osborne did take cocaine on that night. And not just on that night. He took it on a regular basis with me, with his friends. There were more witnesses, not just me, that witnessed George Osborne taking cocaine. So it’s you know, there are other people out there that know the truth. On that particular night he had taken a line. And I said to George jokingly that when you’re prime minister one day I’ll have all the dirty goods on you. And he laughed and took a big fat line of cocaine.”

Other key parts of the interview with Emma Alberici of ABC Australia:

EMMA ALBERICI: Were you friends?

NATALIE ROWE: Me and George?



EMMA ALBERICI: And did it ever become more than friendship?


EMMA ALBERICI: What did George Osborne think about your line of work?

NATALIE ROWE: He was very intrigued. What initially happened was is that William and George and Christopher, I’d left them at my apartment. I initially kept it a secret from William. I mean they knew that I had an escort agency but they didn’t know what I did. When I got back they’d found the paddles and the whips, the chains and the handcuffs. But they found it quite amusing.

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Though he’s not sure whether tonight’s interview has this detail, Guido understands that Osborne’s “safe word” during kinky paid for sex and cocaine sessions (in case they got out of hand) was“Louise”.

UPDATE II: Mark Lewis is representing Ms. Rowe and puts the boot in suggesting that the News of the World editorial at the time was toned down and Osborne was forever in Coulson’s debt.

MARK LEWIS: The editor at the time was Andy Coulson. And I think that’s worth remembering because of the future relationship that we have between the Conservative Party, the prime minister and Andy Coulson… That editorial could have gone completely the other way. It could have said, for example, whilst we do not believe that George Osborne took drugs he showed a serious error of judgement being at the party or being at the flat where drugs were taken, where there was an allegation of prostitution. He showed that error of judgement and therefore he’s not right to be in the heart of politics. Now the decision on which spin to give to the story by the editor of the News of the World particularly was something that determined his future in politics.

EMMA ALBERICI: You think so?

MARK LEWIS: Undoubtedly so because the editorial could have been written the other way. And if it would have been written the other way it would have finished his career I’m sure.

This is messy…

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