Dear Unholy Trinity or Terrible Triplets: my 3rd Email to Downing Street

Dear Messieurs Cameron, Miliband and Balls,

As you can see, I have included you all in this email, because I class you all the same because none of you responded to my last emails, although you all received them. But that was no surprise and certainly wasn’t the object of the exercise.

The whole idea was to inform you of what actually is happening in this country: the abuse of children and the involvement of the Police and Judiciary in crimes against humanity. Furthermore, the way ALL the so called agencies like the PIA, FSA, Financial Services Ombudsmen, Parliamentary Ombudsman, Ministers, MPs and Uncle Tom Cobly and all, turned a blind eye to the way the British People were being robbed by the financial institutions they had placed their hopes and dreams for a quiet and enjoyable retirement in, only to be ripped off.


Cameron (Photo credit: deeb0207©

And all government officials say is ‘WE NEVER SAW IT COMING’. Come on, you don’t really think we, the gullible fools, that put our faith in you people, are going to believe that one forever do you???

It was a contrived way of leading us into a war, a tried and tested method, and if we look back in history we can see it. The same things happen before all wars like the first and second world wars: 1st, high unemployment, recession, then the austerity measures you say you have to impose, then the reductions in our armed forces. The first three cards played are to cause anger that can be focused on anybody but the government and their puppets who are responsible for creating this scenario, like the Muslims or laughably the unemployed and the sick and feeble among us.

But the most sneaky and divisive is the reduction in the armed forces. Naturally the question on everyone’s lips as they read this will be WHY; reduce the armed forces if you’re planning a war? Well, the answer is twofold: first it creates a false sense of security which suits the evil people involved, secondly it brings thousands of trained men onto the streets of our cities a large proportion of whom will follow orders without question.

If told by their commanders, will they turn their guns on the citizens? The real hard cases will probably be recruited into the police force just like Gaddafi did and all the despots before him did, let’s face it that is all you ever hear when atrocities are committed, IT’S THE SECRET POLICE. Others will be recruited into private security firms that only the super rich and powerful will be able to afford to protect themselves and the monies they have amassed at the expense of us all (the working classes I mean).

You three who I will term the unholy trinity or the terrible triplets are now undeniably culpable because you have been given information and refused to act upon it. A light is being shone into the dark corridors of power that are Westminster and your secrets are being exposed.

I have received plenty of good feedback since my last email was sent; most people agree that an evil is behind all this subterfuge and dribbling rhetoric you puppets of the rich give out daily.

Misters Miliband and Balls, why haven’t you, either of you hauled Mr Cameron over the coals and brought all this up at Prime Minister’s Question Time? Are you scared to? In case it backfires and people realise you are all in it together? remember I gave all the information to Tony Blair, Peter Kilfoyle and dozens of Labour MPs, and all ignored the information AND proof I supplied about how the Financial Services were conning their clients and destroying their dreams of a decent retirement.

And worse still: you All allowed British Arms Dealers to supply the Hezbollah terrorists with weapons knowing that those same weapons would eventually be turned on our own armed forces, but aye we can’t let those poor billionaire arms manufacturers show less profit, can we?

It’s much easier to turn a blind eye and cover it up with a war, and let’s look on the bright side: a good war would solve all the problems! Certainly it will cure the NHS. There will be no elderly bed blockers left and it’s a double bonus: you will save all that money on the pensions as well. And the double wammy is all these layabouts who are claiming benefit and working you know the ones that have caused all this financial chaos, they will be in the army getting shot at with the weapons the British supplied to the enemy.

That is the other reason you make cuts in the armed forces so you can put up the old posters: YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU! Then you just conscript them, job done. And when the dust settles, WE the gullible fools, we will turn to you for guidance, and here we go again.

Starting wars and being responsible for the death of millions is just another day at the office for you people. Tony Blair will rot in hell for his sins and he will be in good company.

In my last email I used as an example to highlight your ridiculous statement, ‘We are all in this together’ the young Irish couple who have had their children snatched by the Social Services in Ammanford, the Paedophiles’ Playground, the same as you should have had done to, if we are all in this together.

Anyway there have been further developments: one of the children, a young girl, has been sexually abused, and to make it worse the so called carer tried to get her to keep it secret! But the child didn’t and eight days later, at the first opportunity, she told her Mother.

The Social Services tried to persuade the Mother that the child might have imagined it (as per usual in cases like this), but the point being that poor child has and still is having to live there.

Imagine how that poor girl must be feeling. So the first question is this: if you had been treated like the Social Services treat others, what would you and your wife have done about it, if your daughter had told you that she had been sexually abused? Secondly what are you going to do about it now you know? And that question applies to the three of you.

Mr Cameron, I remember you on TV saying to a lady in Wales when she said they were not allowed to have a street party for the queens jubilee celebrations that they could have their street party and when she replied that the council had refused you said and I quote ‘I am the Prime Minister and if I say you will have a street party then a street party you will have’. So you overrode the council for a street party.

Question: are you going to override the Council’s decision and have them return these poor children to their loving parents or, isn’t this incident as important as a street party in your mind?

I feel at this point I should also mention the fact that since the child informed her Mother of the abuse, she has had her beautiful shoulder length strawberry blond hair cut short, just like they do in the army and to prisoners to put them in their place, in my eyes that was another abusive act.

For years now I have complained about the involvement of the Freemasons to dozens of MPs, two Prime Ministers, AMs and your good self. What an idiot aye considering one of the attachments I will be tagging to this email names you, George Osborne, Ed Balls, Tony Blair and dozens of Labour and Conservative MPs. It seems your statement ‘we are all in this together’, meant that you and those in the brotherhood are in it together to the detriment of the rest of the country, especially the poorest among us. There are a few attachments that show the way the Police lie, connive and abuse their power.

In finishing I re-iterate, I never expected a response to anything from you or your ilk, but I did think Gerry and Kate McCann just might, as they were copied into my last email. Yet nothing!

I can’t say too much about this, because I might be threatened with prosecution like others who have sought to expose the sham investigations that have so far effectively stopped the truth of what happened that fateful night in Portugal. But I will say, if my daughter went missing and someone said they had information that might be useful that the Police had not even bothered with, I would move heaven and earth to get them to.

The reason I believe they don’t want to listen to me, is it involves Doctors and Freemasons here in Ammanford, the Paedophiles’ Playground.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Bellett

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