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Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peter’s crusade is a very original one, since he worked as a chef on the QEII where he learned about paedophiles in Malta in particular. He had gone there to die, after he had been drugged – virtually to death – by a doctor whom he’d like to expose now – in South Wales. But he discovers that the doctor is protected by the Police Commissioner… He writes:

I nearly fainted when I read that they have arrested a paedophile who was in Portugal at the time of Maddie McCann‘s disappearance! Guess where they arrested him? GOZO the place I told the police I was given information about the McCann girl! The information I gave 3 yrs ago but they have never contacted me!

Coincidence or what, but I bet they still don’t contact me because it involves doctor(s) in Ammanford.

I have just spoken to a reporter from the Mirror and he is phoning me tomorrow between 10-11am so all I can say is suck on that Mr Salmon.

Earlier he wrote:

They are advising to  complain to the PCC HIMSELF. Well I have done that and it’s him (Cristopher Salmon) that’s covering these matters up, so  what’s the use? I still have had no reply from anyone to the simple question I have asked: WHAT RULE IS THERE THAT ALLOWS A GP TO DELETE THOUSANDS OF ITEMS FROM A PATIENT’S  PRESCRIPTION RECORDS?

Elaine Lawton the asst director of the Trust said what I was saying was slanderous. I gave her a copy of my book to, but she is ignoring me and won’t answer her phone and it’s not  taking voice mail. This woman is part of the Trust that has  awarded the GP (Drunken Duncan) a temporary contract and  believe me its a foregone conclusion that the contract will be given to this man. The consultation with the patients was a sham.

There are 15,000 patients and three GPs at the surgery which means approx 5,000 patients are under this creton’s care. This surely can’t be allowed. But how do you prevent it when the powers that be just turn a blind eye to what he has been up to?

We have to wait for another scandal like the Mid Staffs hospital or the Wythenshaw Trust to happen. Just in the two instances a total of at least 1,600 patients died needlessly. They don’t want it to come out. Doctors and the police in this country are a protected species.

In 2011 I contacted the Met regarding the Madeleine McCann girl. I was told I would be contacted the next morning at 9am. This  never happened. I wrote and told Christopher Salmon and his Chief Constable this on numerous occasions and the most telling fact is: in none of the replies I received from the Dyfed Police the girl’s name or the fact I had mentioned her was mentioned. These people are evil and although I don’t intend to give up the fight I really think they will get away with it. Because our MPs etc are pussies and don’t want to rock the boat for fear of the repercussions and the effect it will  have on their careers.

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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  1. You have to know the real Peter. He hasn’t changed. Glad to see he is still alive. Perhaps he might respect those that he himself has made victim at risk of losing a home.

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