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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is

If only… the relevant authorities had listened… @SWEveningPost @SWGuardian #SouthWales

First he was criminally over-drugged and complained, complained, complained – in letters, a book and on videos: Statement to Cameron – part 1 Statement to Cameron – part 2 Did he now commit this act to expose organised white collar … Continue reading

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JOINING DOTS: #childsnatchuk #paedobritain #TimeToBreakThem #McCann #armsdealing #DyfedPowysPolice

Peter’s crusade is a very original one, since he worked as a chef on the QEII where he learned about paedophiles in Malta in particular. He had gone there to die, after he had been drugged – virtually to death – … Continue reading

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Satanic Savile, QE2 Death Cruises, Steve Wright, Ipswich, Mr Kippah, Prince Philip, Fred West, Princess Diana, Clare Stagg, Sandra Court, Cliff Richard, Jill Dando and the Suzy Lamplugh connection

Peter used to be a chef on the QE2.

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PAEDOPHILIA is a cross-party crime and Whistleblowing turns Intelligence Analyst into UK State Victim

Are you sitting comfortably? Then breathe deeply whilst reading this STATEMENT OF ANDREA DAVISON. CONTENTS 1.               GENERAL BACKGROUND 2                 PERSONAL BACKGROUND IN BRIEF 3                 Question 1. Were the terms of reference for the Waterhouse Inquiry sufficiently wide to address all matters of … Continue reading

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“Princess Diana – The Evidence”: a video interview with the author of the book

The subtitle of the book is: How MI-6 and the CIA were involved in the death of Princess Diana. The book description on Amazon says: This is the book that the British government tried to ban! British investigative journalists Jon … Continue reading

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How do you measure corruption? Lynette Whyte is a ‘Sunday School outing’ compared with Maurice Kirk’s persecution…

Fortunately, there are now two books about corruption in South Wales Police and the CPS: The Cardiff Five: Innocent Beyond Any Doubt and FITTED IN: The Cardiff 3 and the Lynette White Inquiry This should mean that Maurice Kirk who helped … Continue reading

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Dear Unholy Trinity or Terrible Triplets: my 3rd Email to Downing Street

Dear Messieurs Cameron, Miliband and Balls, As you can see, I have included you all in this email, because I class you all the same because none of you responded to my last emails, although you all received them. But … Continue reading

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