11 11 19 CEO Haringey Council

Dear Sir,

Since you are CEO of Haringey Council, I feel compelled to add my name to the countless enquiries concerning the welfare of the Musa children that you have been receiving and will continue to receive.

The concerns are straight forward enough for me to understand, but, the confusing and conflicting opinions of why this situation has arisen and why it continues, is becoming blurred by the detail. Some people are convinced that the Police, the Judges and the Council are part of a Masonic conspiracy to kidnap and abuse children for whatever perverted reason that would only be known to them.

Me personally, I wouldn’t say I would brush that theory to one side, because I have seen so much evidence of abuse and cover up that only a fool would dismiss it without consideration. But, only yesterday a very intelligent and highly qualified legal person explained it to me like this: Peter ‘even if there is’ some sort of conspiracy by secret societies, that isn’t the whole problem, that’s just a part of it. The real problem stems from the under funding of the authorities, and human nature. People are under the impression that the Police have a duty of care to the General Public, but they don’t. The Police are there to investigate, after a crime has been committed, and on top of that, they have targets to reach. So to achieve their arrest and conviction targets, they shy away from the complicated cases, especially where Councils and other Public bodies are concerned, and look for cases that are straight forward.

Now that I can understand, not condone, but understand. He then went on about why judges always seem to bow to the wishes of the Councils and Social Workers, and it was more or less the same reason, except, that he went on to say, if you present a judge with bundle after bundle of documents s/he won’t have the time or the inclination to read them. They want skeleton reports and will always find in favour of the professionals, if there is any argument. Once again, I can understand that way of thinking, not condoning, but understanding it.

So if, instead of going through the Doctors’ excuses, we accept that the excuse for their actions is more or less the same, then we arrive at a much clearer place to start from.

The reason I say a much clearer place is this: we started off with a situation where people wanted to know why none of the above mentioned bodies don’t act, when people report suspicious acts by the so called Social Services, who are there to protect our children.

Now we know the answer: they can’t afford the time or the effort it would take to investigate, and achieve their targets.

So that leaves you as the only one that can provide the answers to very simple questions.

And I for one can’t see why you would have a problem with that, as I am sure you must only want to see this horrific situation which is being showcased worldwide resolved.

My advice would be, show you’re apart from any wrong doing and not a part of any wrong doing, by getting the staff who are responsible for ordering that the children be taken into the care of the Council, the same staff you are in charge of and responsible for, to stand in front of you and explain, why you should give them your full support, when the claims that they have made to take the Mussa children from their parents, have been proved incorrect.

And they have been proved incorrect, haven’t they? Or isn’t that the case?

Because I have seen reports that say;

1/ That the Musas gave drugs (opium I believe) to their new born baby. But the toxicology report says different?

2/ That Chiwar Musa was not the paternal father of the children. But the DNA paternity tests proved he was?

3/ That Gloria Musa was an active sex worker. But she’s been shown to be a well known Church Minister?

4/ That they are British Citizens. But they are not?

If they can, when interviewed by you personally, reasonably explain why they used all this false information, and of course you are satisfied that their explanation is truthful, all you have to do is make an official statement to the Musa’s, the Nigerian High Commission and the Nigerian MPs and Government, that you fully support the decision taken by your staff to take these children away from their parents.

Because if you do not make it clear that you are convinced by the weight of evidence that you have been shown, you will be held directly responsible and it will do no good at a later date to say, ‘I thought they were telling the truth.’ Once again I remind you, that the ultimate responsibility for the actions of your employees is yours.

In the meantime, and to at least alleviate some of the unbearable pressure placed on Chiwar and Gloria Musa, I would think it only humane to produce their children to show that they are safe, well and being cared for; especially Favour Musa their eldest daughter, so they can see that she is still alive. They have not seen her since August 2010!

The Nigerians, if not the whole of Africa and other parts of the world, are watching this case and also British Citizens are starting to become very suspicious of Haringey Council and its apparent cover up and reluctance to answer questions, especially in the wake of the Hollie Greig case.

Take note, Mr Crompton, the vast majority of that child’s abusers were professional people including; the Sheriff, his wife, his sister and his brother in law, a policeman, two Social Workers and their partners, two nurses, a headmaster, a solicitor and an accountant.

Yours sincerely

Peter Bellett

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