12 06 11 Commission of High Nigeria

Your Excellency,

after hearing on the news just this morning that the Prime Minister and his wife left their daughter in a pub after having had their Sunday lunch, for 15 mins, before realising that they had ‘forgotten her’.

I thought that those who kidnapped the Musa children should maybe move in on the Camerons and take their children into care and send the Prime Minister and his wife on parenting classes and send them for drug and alcohol tests, like they do to other parents. Let’s face it: if ‘we are all in this together’ then what a way to prove it.

Take into consideration that it’s this man’s government that are imposing the system of secret courts upon us and that are now trying to do away with jury trials.

Or is it as we all know: ‘one law for them and another for us the so called underclasses’?

I mean the Social Services are that concerned about the welfare of children that they spent in the region of £20,000 to go to France and abduct a baby from its parents saying that because its parents are British born they were responsible for the baby’s welfare.

Admittedly, the judge disagreed and ordered the return of the child to its parents. But it does highlight the fact that the law as it is, is in no way impartial and always leans in favour of the rich and powerful.

Yours Sincerely………..Peter Bellett

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