11 10 27 High Commissioner of Nigeria

The High Commissioner
Nigeria High Commission
9 Northumberland Avenue
London WC2N 5BX
Tel: (+44) 020 7839 1244
(+44) 020 7839 8746


Your  Excellency,

As a concerned British citizen I feel I must E-Mail your office to voice my concerns and question Why? you have not acted ‘immediately’ to assist in the case of Mr and Mrs Musa, a Nigerian couple who have had their six children kidnapped by Harringey Council.

As an ex British  I know that Consulate officials can demand that the rights of the citizens they are there to defend and represent are upheld, and, can also ‘Demand’ that Harringey Council produce before them the six children that have been snatched from their loving parents, on fabricated evidence and false testimony.

This is fast becoming a high profile case, indeed the Nigerian Government is now becoming involved, your office is being shown in a very poor light. And being someone who has in the past been very grateful for consular involvement and assistance in the past I urge you to exert ‘All’ your powers in assisting your own citizens to have their beautiful children returned to them with the greatest of speed, and not let some corrupt council demean and override your authority to intervene.

The Musa’s have every right not only to ask you to help in this matter but also the right to ask you to take this matter to the highest level in the British Government, ‘Yes’ I mean David Cameron the British Prime Minister.

The Musa’s do not want to remain in the UK and have refused the offer from Harringey Council of an application for British passports, they cannot return to Nigeria without their children so they are virtually prisoners in a hell created by forces beyond their control.

You need to use the powers of your good office and do everything that needs to be done including, as suggested taking this matter to the highest Government level to assure that this family are re-united and sent safely back to their homeland without delay.

The mere fact that your office will take an active part and become involved in bringing to an end their horrendous experience of British injustice, will be of great comfort to them. They are confused and frightened by the torture they have and still are having inflicted on them.

I personally can’t imagine how they must be feeling, to be in a foreign country and to experience the hell that is being inflicted upon them, for you further information, this Council in Harringey is fast becoming famed for trafficking children and profiting from this evil trade.

Yours Sincerely

Mr Peter Bellett

PS I would also bring to your attention that there is a petition signed by Four Hundred {400} + you can view this petition on http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/send-the-musa-family-back-home-to-nigeria-with-their.html

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