Statement for Meeting at Westminster, 25 Jan 2011

Here’s what I would have said, if the House of Commons meeting had taken another course:

In 1988-89 I and a friend, at great personal risk to ourselves, gave information to a DCI of South Wales Police in Swansea, and The Custom’s and Excise, MPs, the Tax man and a whole host of regulatory bodies, concerning the supply of weaponry to terrorists by British arms dealers. All of this was covered up because the Government of Margaret Thatcher was involved; indeed Michael Heseltine had provided one of these arms dealers with the war catalogues.

(Q) What will the families of our fallen and injured soldiers say when they learn that their son’s and daughters could have well been killed fighting an illegal war with weapons supplied by our own government?

In 1994 I started reporting to the senior management of The London + Manchester Assurance Co the illegal practices some of its Area Managers were getting up to; e.g. dealing in forged £10 notes, stolen sports equipment, falsification of documents, forging clients’ signatures and once again a whole host of other crimes.

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