Catholic nun, 71, ‘sent envelopes containing white powder’ to parliamentary figures including Nick Clegg accusing them of being ‘evil devil worshipping freemasons’

Well, I am sitting here laughing.

  • Nick Clegg sent envelope with ‘sex with 30 plus women’ and ‘your poor Catholic wife and children’ scrawled on it
  • Baroness Scotland was sent envelope with a swastika on it
  • Sister Ruth Augustus claims that ‘police filled envelopes with white powder’.

That article has made my day. I only wish I could claim it was partly due to my emails to the sisters of the catholic church but, that would be a bit presumptuous. But it seems that we are singing off the same hymn sheet for want of a better phrase… lol.

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Dear Prime Minister again – Re Osborne’s Coke Habit

Dear Prime Minister,

In addition to my last email to you (which has received no response from you as yet) I feel I must send this as a follow up. And I will copy and paste the article (for your ease of reference) that has made me feel I should resort to sending this.

In my last email I questioned whether or not you had been sent for parenting classes and if you had been tested for drugs and alcohol. This I might add is not your failing; it is the failing of the Social Services, probably because they like so many others don’t believe we are all in it together and maybe they don’t want to appear presumptuous in asking you to be treated like the rest of society.

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Dear Prime Minister: Exposing Paedophilia and Police Not Investigating Crimes

Child abuse mapThe time has come for me to let the Prime Minister and my Roman Catholic Church know what I know, leaving them no excuse not to act.

Here is the press coverage that supports my exposure of paedophilia and police corruption in Ammanford and Dyfed Powys.

And here’s my email:

Dear Prime Minister,

Re: Exposing Ammanford – The Paedophile’s Playground and Dyfed Powys Police Corruption

I understand that correspondence sent to you is censored by a civil servant and that this person decides whether or not you should be given sight of it. I mention this in my opening paragraph because I would hate for you not to see this account of truth, when I intend to send it to quite a lot of other people that should be concerned about what I am about to reveal in this document.

The list will include a large number of clergy, priests, Bishops, etc. Too often people in authority shout about matters like child abuse, paedophilia etc, but then do nothing constructive to bring the offenders to book.

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Statement for Meeting at Westminster, 25 Jan 2011

Here’s what I would have said, if the House of Commons meeting had taken another course:

In 1988-89 I and a friend, at great personal risk to ourselves, gave information to a DCI of South Wales Police in Swansea, and The Custom’s and Excise, MPs, the Tax man and a whole host of regulatory bodies, concerning the supply of weaponry to terrorists by British arms dealers. All of this was covered up because the Government of Margaret Thatcher was involved; indeed Michael Heseltine had provided one of these arms dealers with the war catalogues.

(Q) What will the families of our fallen and injured soldiers say when they learn that their son’s and daughters could have well been killed fighting an illegal war with weapons supplied by our own government?

In 1994 I started reporting to the senior management of The London + Manchester Assurance Co the illegal practices some of its Area Managers were getting up to; e.g. dealing in forged £10 notes, stolen sports equipment, falsification of documents, forging clients’ signatures and once again a whole host of other crimes.

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