Simply My Truth

A Short Story, called “Simply My Truth”

 Words that are sometimes Hard to Believe –

because they are the Truth

Table of Contents


My Family

Specialist Cook on the QE2

My Arms Dealer Friend Roger

It’s a Battle against Evil

Don’t Trust the Authorities

Proud to be a Roman Catholic

Documentary Evidence

  • Contract Agreement between John Waits and Roger Slee
  • Letter from Mike Abbotts to John Waite mentioning patrol boats
  • Letter from John Waite detailing the Power he commands
  • Warrant to Search Premises to document Police Corruption
  • My Letter to the Fraud Squad
  • Affidavit before Justice Laddie at the Royal Courts of Justice
  • Letter from the Financial Services Authority to my MP Alan Williams
  • Letter from Friends Provident about the Meaning of “Endowment”
  • My Letter to the FSA so that they can’t say they didn’t Know
  • Letter from my MP Alan Williams
  • Two Offer Letters that all Victims of the Endowment Scandal should have had
  • Statement confirming where I was
  • Dr C Jones’ Medical Reports
  • More Medical Forms, supposedly by Dr C Jones

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