Fast Forward

I am going to fast forward a few years and point to a few things out that are relevant to all this.

The first is that the DCI in Swanseawas some years later suspended from duty for tampering with evidence’, or something of that nature.  Then in 1997, Mike Allcock, ‘Head of the Special Investigations Unit’ for the Inland Revenue, the tax man who we gave all the information to, was jailed for turning a blind eye on some wealthy business men’s tax affairs, for money, trips on Concord, cruises and call girls.  Then in the same year Princess Diana was ’murdered’ in a crash, in the Alma Tunnel inParis.  Then some years later, Peter Mandelson was put in charge of the Millennium Dome, which was the brainchild of Michael Heseltine, and the contract was awarded to-guess what?  — James Laing Construction Co., an arm of The Sir James Laing Group of Companies.

Then, as I watched a programme on TV some seven or eight years ago, called, (I think) ‘The War Zone, or Hard Talk.’, my jaw fell onto my chest as I heard the interviewer, and an American ex CIA agent, discuss how Ronald Reagan had dealt with the hostage situation in 1985, when the Hezbollah terrorists had hijacked a plane and landed it in the Iranian desert holding some 350 passengers hostage.

They paid the ransom demanded, and that ransom was weaponry: one deal for the release of some of the hostages was 750 surface to air missiles, and when the interviewer asked, ‘How this was done?’ the reply was, ‘With the help of the Israeli special forces, and  other allies.’

The interviewer pushed him on this, asking “was the British Government involved in these deals?”

He answered: ‘All I will say is we were helped by our closest friends and Allies.’

The interviewer said, ‘So, I can take it from that answer, that the British Government were involved?’

The ex CIA man just smiled and shrugged his shoulders.  All very coincidental, isn’t it?

But returning to 1990, I can’t say I intended to stay ashore, it sort of just happened, but anyway, it was the start of another chapter in my life which has changed me completely, and not in a way I could ever have envisaged.

But once again, I am going to skip over a lot of detail, such as how I ended up working in the financial services.  But I will tell you that it started by doing it part-time for a company called ‘Chapel Ash Securities’, which was a broker for Citi Bank, a company I am sure most people would recognise as a large financial institution.

The one thing you must understand about the financial services is the grapevine.  I was known as a prolific salesperson in the business, and I never had that much difficulty selling policies to people.

So it wasn’t long before a company called ‘Imperial Standards’, another brokerage, contacted me, saying that an ex-colleague of mine had told them all about me, and that they would like to meet me.  I agreed, and met with one of the bosses in Brackla House, in Bridgend, about half an hours drive up the M4 fromSwansea.

The amounts of money I was told I would have earned if I had written for them, the volume of business I had written for Chapel Ash, part time, were mind boggling. Over £150,000, I couldn’t believe it.  He said he would talk to his partner, and if I was interested then we could meet again the following week.

The following week I received a call from the same guy, who said he had spoken to his partner, and they had agreed they wanted me to work for them, but, they were negotiating a deal with the ‘London & Manchester Assurance Co’, and that I would have to wait until those negotiations were finalised before they could train me up on the products.

None of this bothered me as they said they were prepared to pay a small retainer as a show of good faith and then said, ’Look, we will give you a week to think about it.’ I agreed, and that was that.

Now another coincidence:  Wendy, the secretary come receptionist, in the hotel I was working in, had a husband called Ken who was an area manager for The London & Manchester Assurance Co, and I also knew the company because my mother had little policies with it when I was a child, the little doorstep collection type, so I told Wendy what I had been offered, and she said, ‘Why don’t you talk to Ken? I know he would like to talk to you.’

Ken convinced me that I should not try to run before I could walk, and suggested that I consider joining the home services with his Company, and that was the start of what I can only say was the first step along a long road of discovery, which has left me in no doubt that there is a battle against evil to be fought, and a need to expose it, and I have tried, and am still trying to do that.

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