Millions of Pounds for one little Bomb?

The first was a component he was trying to sort out for the Iranians, he said it was for their radar systems, and described it as being like a bulb from an electric till that shows the numbers; and the other was something he said he had organised before, and that involved going to New York, being given a belt that you strapped around your waist, and then you got on a flight to South Africa where you would be met, and taken through the customs check without any problems.  He said this was some type of substance for forensic testing of fingerprints, and as insignificant as these two matters seem, and seemed to me at that time, I will be referring to them again later, and you can judge for yourself on their significance.

The third was more a conversation between Waite and the Major.  How it come about I really can’t remember, but it is something that I have thought about all these years.

It was to do with what they described as suitcase bombs.  Apparently a dozen of these devices had gone missing from some government store inRussia, and arm’s dealers world-wide were trying to get their hands on just one of them, and were offering millions of pounds for it as well.

‘Millions of pounds for one little bomb?’  I asked.

The Major answered that query: ‘If they get their hands on one of them, they will back engineer it, and then one will become a thousand.’

The frightening part of it that I didn’t understand until later that evening, when the subject came up in conversation between Waite and myself, was that these were not just ordinary bombs, they were nuclear devices.

I won’t go into too much detail of how I ended up going toThailandwith Waite and Tim.  But the arrangements were made after Roger phoned Waite fromThailand, which he did from time to time, and on this one such occasion I was there and spoke to him.

Roger was laughing, and as usual taking the Mick out of me, but telling me to come out there; he was ‘loving it’, and Elaine was too.

Waite and Tim, had already booked their flights well in advance to ensure they were there before Christmas Day.  I think they were there a week before I arrived between the Christmas and the New Year.  Anyway, when I arrived Waite, Tim, Roger and Elaine, met me at the airport and we drove back to the River Plaza Hotel, and they had sorted me a room just a few doors down from Roger and Elaine’s.

From the time I had decided to go to Thailand, until the time I arrived, my mind was split trying to decide at what stage of this trip, and given the fact that I would now have the opportunity to be alone with Roger and Elaine, I should tell them what was going on behind their backs, and just what Waite was really like.

You must understand that this was a very dangerous road I was preparing to travel, the people Waite was involved with, and Tim’s family, were, and probably still are, very powerful, and in places like Thailand life is cheap and these people would stop at nothing of that I was certain.

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