Princess Diana

This next piece of information I am going to relate, even I didn’t believe at the time, and thought it was just one boast too many; but this is it, and this is how it came up.  As I have already said, the TV was full of news about the Ethiopian famine, and my heart ached every time I saw the scenes of people dying of starvation and disease. But this particular piece came up on the news, and it was something to do with Princess Diana, and I commented on how gorgeous I thought she was.

The Major scowled, ‘That bitch, if she doesn’t keep her nose out of the arms trade she’s going to get bumped off.’

I retorted laughing, ‘You can’t do that, that’s Charlie’s wife!’

The Major just started smirking and said, ‘He would sanction it tomorrow scouse, he’s had what he needs from her.’

But I wasn’t letting it go there and said.  ‘You can’t go around just bumping people like her off.’

‘Can’t we?’ he sneered, ’a nice little accident would sort that out.’

And that was it.  I just walked into the back kitchen saying nothing, but thinking, ‘You’re full of shit you prick.’

Once again, I feel I must interject and explain something about what I have just written about that conversation regarding Princess Diana, because believe me I have struggled over deciding whether or not to include it in this, but it’s the truth, and that’s what I have set out to tell, so I would not feel I had done myself justice if I didn’t have the guts to include everything.  And I will say more about this later on.  This isn’t a novel and I am in no way just trying to embellish it to make it interesting, the truth is sometimes very hard to believe.

There are just three more issues that Waite talked about that stuck in my mind.

2 Responses to Princess Diana

  1. Strange how the dark veil hanging over Ammanford and surrounding shadowy area seems to crop up in the Diana murder story. Paedophilia is widespread that includes non accidental injuries and molestation of children in care.
    This interesting link backs up basically what this local whistleblower is saying about the disposal of Diana for getting too close to upsetting the arms trade particularly in Angola.
    What has the conspiracy theorists have to say about this link backing up Peter Belletts account.

  2. Well well well the link cannot be posted

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