Visiting Thailand

After I had showered, changed, and prepared to be taken out by Waite, Roger, Tim and Elaine, they took me to the usual tourist girlie bars, and sex show haunts, and showed me the sights around that area, and then we had something to eat, and back to the hotel.

To be honest, I could hardly keep my eyes open, and just wanted a good night’s sleep to charge my batteries up a bit, and sleep on everything that was going through my mind. Waite and Tim were staying with her family, naturally, so they dropped us off and said they would pick us up the next afternoon, giving me the chance to have a good sleep, because they were planning on showing me the sights: like the floating market and the crocodile farm.

It was a relief to see the back of them and I felt the atmosphere change immediately. Roger said, ‘Come on scouse, I’ve got a nice little surprise for you.’, and the three of us went to their room.

The surprise was some very good Thai weed which we smoked on the balcony. Although Roger was still talking Waite and Tim up, I sensed Elaine wasn’t that keen on them, not by anything she said, but just from the vibes I got.

While we sat there smoking, I asked Roger what he was doing staying inThailand.

‘I’m just waiting to find out about a deal that can happen any day now, and John needs somebody out here to look after our interests. It’s complicated scouse, but I would rather be out here than in theUK, wouldn’t you?

The only answer I could think of was, ‘Well I don’t know Roger, if all this money is at stake I would want to be where John is, you know, to look after my interests.’

He just started laughing and said, ‘Scouse, I can trust John with my life, you’re just too suspicious you scouse git’.

My heart sank, and I shook my head, and before I knew it I was saying to him, ‘Roger, for fuck sake mate, listen! I’m going to tell both of you something, but before I do, you have got to swear on your kids’ lives that it doesn’t leave this room, and that goes for you, too, Elaine.  I want you both to swear it stays here and goes no further.’

‘What is it scouse?’ they both asked at the same time.

I said, ‘I want that promise first, and another thing is, you do what I tell you.’

The atmosphere changed immediately you could have cut it with a knife.

‘What is it scouse? Come on, I promise on my kids’ lives it won’t go any further.’ Roger said.

‘And you as well Elaine.’  I said.

‘I promise on my mother’s life scouse. I won’t say anything, what’s wrong?’

Even as I was telling him everything that was going on, Roger was almost making excuses for Waite, and then he said, ‘Don’t worry scouse, I’ve got a copy of the contract.’

Shrugging my shoulders I told him, ‘Believe me Roger, it’s no good, he has even said to me it’s not worth the paper it’s written on!’

Even then I don’t think he knew whether or not to believe it all, but then I mentioned the Mercedes cars.  I thought Elaine was going to fly through the roof, and Roger just seemed to sag on the bed. Elaine was shaking with fury.  It turned out, that sending the cars toThailandhad been her idea, so that sealed it, they believed me now.

That night, I wouldn’t say I slept well, I would say I fell unconscious through jet lag and smoking weed, but when I woke up, I just lay there hoping that I had done the right thing in telling Roger and Elaine so soon, and wondering if they would be able to mix with Waite and Co without showing any change.

But after that first day, Roger and Elaine were able to allay my fears, and I must admit, I was proud of them and the way they were able to carry it off, it couldn’t have been easy.

Over the next four weeks we had plenty of time on our own.  Waite and Tim went to other places with her family, and we did our own thing, which pleased Waite.

Waite thought I was working for him by keeping both Roger and Elaine busy, while he saw his contacts. The one thing I realised was the situation was far worse than I had ever imagined. Roger had, as far as I knew, only been helping Waite to pay the rent. But actually, he had put forty thousand pounds of his redundancy money into this business, and Elaine had spent ten thousand pounds of her redundancy, subsidising, what can only be described as an elongated holiday.  I couldn’t believe how gullible they had been, but that’s how people like Waite operate, they suck people in and use them, and of course, when those people reach the stage when they realise that they have been conned, what can they do about it, just walk away?  No, what people tend to do, is bury their head in the sand and carry on hoping that a miracle will happen, and everything will work out fine, but it never does.

During those four weeks in Thailand, we had decided that the best thing that they could do was get back to the UK as soon as possible, plant themselves firmly back in the house in Plympton, and watch everything, and get to know as much about these deals as possible.  Then from there, try and work out just what course of action to adopt.

After my return to theUK, I joined a little cargo boat, and was running around a few Mediterranean ports, and calling intoSouthern Ireland, then back to the same ports again. So it was twelve weeks, before I was back on leave and more than that since I had last spoken to Roger and Elaine.

Before going any further, I have to say, I don’t really think most people are unaware that people such as Waite and the Major exist and are involved in these type of deals.

And of course, this all took place over twenty years ago, so what is the point if nothing can be done about it now?  Well, that question is the thing I hope you will form an opinion on, as I relate what I think is the worst part of all this.

It had been over three months since the last time I had seen or spoken to Roger and Elaine. So at my first opportunity I phoned the house in Plympton, and Waite answered, and before I could ask to speak to Roger he started telling me what an idiot Roger was, and that he had come back to England instead of staying in Thailand because him and Elaine had been arguing over money, and that they had moved back in with him and Tim, but it was terrible, and that he had to tell Roger that if he stayed with Elaine then they would have to find a place of their own, so they were both now living in Southampton.  But the one thing that was obvious, was he had no idea that I had told Roger what was going on, and he was trying to persuade me to come up to Plympton and stay with him and Tim.

I don’t believe for one minute that this was out of friendship, but because he sort of wanted to keep me on side and ease his own conscience, and excuse the fact he never intended to ever play it straight with Roger.

What I did know, was the best way to deal with this guy was to agree with him, and that’s just what I did.  Throwing most of the blame on Elaine’s shoulders and saying, ‘Doesn’t Roger realise what a good thing he’s onto with you?’ and that he needed a good kick up the backside.

Eventually I got a phone number where I could reach Roger, and promised that I would talk some sense into him, and that I would be coming up to stay with John and Tim as soon as I had sorted a few things out.

When I phoned the number someone answered and told me Roger and Elaine were out, but they usually were in of an evening after 7pm, so I told the person, ‘If you see them, tell them scouse phoned, and that I would phone later on that evening,

Later that evening I made that call and Roger must have been sitting there, because it was answered before the second ring.  He tried to crack a few jokes but I could tell Roger was really feeling down, but he wanted to know if I could come toSouthampton, and of course I agreed.

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