1. The first five pages of the scanned documents are: a copy of the contract between Roger and John Waite, a letter from Mike Abbots to Waite, in which he mentions the ‘Dorva’ patrol boats (the ones the suicide bombers use), and a letter from Waite to his contacts, detailing what sort of power they command; and it’s worth noting the fact they had to make reassurances that nothing could be traced to source. The reason for scanning this is to prove this is not just a figment of my imagination. These people were real and were involved in a lot more than I have evidence of, but all the proof was given to the police and the taxman, but it was all covered up.
  2. The next document is the search warrant, dated 22nd November, 1998.  This is to emphasise the depth of corruption within the police, and the extremes they will go to, to cover up crimes committed by the rich and powerful. But I ask you this question, ‘if your house had been searched, especially if it was as a result of you trying to expose the corruption in the financial services, and after all the warnings you had received, would you remember the next four weeks vividly?’  Because I can assure you, I can remember exactly where I was, and what I was doing, and I certainly wasn’t in Prince Philip Hospital on the 21st December 1998: I was travelling back from Wolverhampton.
  3. The next set of documents are my letter to DCI Packwood, dated and faxed to him on the 22nd December, 1998, his reply, and finally my response to his reply. The object of these is to highlight the dates, because upon my return from Wolverhampton, which was late afternoon to early evening of the 21st December, 1998.  I was able to put even more detail to the information I had given DS Bunn about the SWALEC scam Hainsworth was involved in, e.g. the amounts of monies that were involved in this scam; this was information I had been given over the time I spent in Wolverhampton.  Once again, highlighting the fact I certainly wasn’t in PPH being examined on the 21st December 2008.
  4. This piece of evidence is self explanatory, and consists of two pages detailing what charges and supporting evidence I brought to the attention of Justice Laddie at the High Courts of Justice, all of it ignored.
  5. The reply from the FSA to my local MP at that time, who was Alan Williams (Labour MP).
  6. This is a letter from Friends Provident, explaining their understanding of the word endowment, which is exactly right, and is the very reason ex-clients of mine have had their endowments honoured, the same as all endowment holders should have had. Once again this highlights how all these poor policy holders were systematically set up and ripped off.
  7. The letter I sent to the FSA, to which I received no reply. Once again this is important, because it dispels the myth that these financial regulators had no knowledge of the corruption that was being inflicted on the poor unsuspecting purchasers of these policies. It is very detailed and pulls no punches.
  8. This is a letter from Alan Williams Labour MP to me, stating, ‘I can well believe all that you say is true.’  The thing is: he knew it was all true, but did nothing, why?
  9. Two offer letters from Friends Provident to two of my clients; the offers made to them should have, and still should be offered to every victim of the endowment scandal. Why? Because these offer letters set the precedence, entitling every policy holder to the same offer.
  10. The statement from Geoffrey Foulkes substantiates that, far from being in PPH on the 21st December, 1998, being examined by a Dr. C. Jones, I was in Wolverhampton till at least mid-day.
  11. Next we have the forms that were filled in by Dr. C. Jones on the 21st April, 1998. I would ask you to look at these five pages and study the hand writing, and Dr. C. Jones’ signature.
  12. Once again these are medical forms, supposed to have been filled in by the same Dr. C. Jones. Once again I would ask you to look at the handwriting and signature, and, as I am sure you will agree, they are completely different!
  13. This is a letter from J. J Morris GP ST in medicine, and G. C. Morris Consultant Physician, dated 27th November, 2009, stating, and I quote; Antianginal medication is not absolutely necessary. (un-quote). Now after being on this medication for twelve years, you would expect that being older, I would be in need of more medication; not to be told ‘you need none at all.’ Once again I am glad that I have been held up in writing this, because just now on the ITV News, it was reported that 145,000 dementia patients are needlessly being given ‘the liquid cosh’, sedatives to make it easier to manage them, to raise profits for drug companies, and to save money for care agencies by reducing staff levels. At this stage I would warn you that if something isn’t done immediately, you and yours might be next, and believe me, I doubt very much if you will be as lucky as I have been.
  14. Last but certainly not least, is the print out of my prescriptions from my GP’s surgery. And the first thing I must point out, and something I was only made aware of recently, is the date it was printed off. It was printed off on the 30th November, 2005, and has been in the possession of the Ammanford Police since that date, so much for this new evidence being the reason for this re-opening of the investigation!

As I have said in letters to the Chief Constable, MPs, and dozens of others, ‘The investigation carried out by the Ammanford Police was a whitewash and cover up.’

But turning to the prescription sheets themselves, the first thing I must point out is that the Imdur 60mg medication that I was prescribed in 1996, and took every day for twelve years, doesn’t even appear on the print off till 26th June, 2001! Yes, five years missing and it gets worse. Between the 6th May, 1998, and 2nd March, 1999, a total of 272 days, I was prescribed and took one a day, of a medication called Monocor 5mg, also known as Bisolplorol, which means I was prescribed and took 272 tablets; yet according to the print out I was prescribed 472, that’s 200 more tablets than I needed, and 120 of those are 10mg, double the prescribed dose.  Even the Simvastatin, which I started taking in June 1998, doesn’t appear on the print out till the 11th January 1999, but even going by the print off’s from the surgery, all the figures are wrong e.g. 11th January 1999, issued 28 Simvastatin 10mg tablets, to take one per day, then the next time they appear is on the 8th April 1999 over three months later, and another 28 tablets of Simvastatin 10mg were prescribed, meaning I went for almost three months without taking my medication? Another complete and utter lie and it goes on and on till it becomes ridiculous.

So there we have it, and I only hope that whoever reads this understands its implications, and also understands that it won’t get any better unless ‘you make it better’, and hold all your councillors, MPs, and politicians to account.  Remember, they only get away with this deception and deceit because we let them. I understand this is a fight I won’t be able to continue alone, because of my age and my financial situation. But I have passed on to you enough information for you to pick up the gauntlet and fight this evil before it swamps you all.

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