I was born in Liverpool in January 1948, to the most wonderful and loving parents any child could wish for.  I have an older sister and brother who I think are equally as wonderful, devout practicing Roman Catholics, and honest and upright members of society.

Then we have me, a Roman Catholic yes, but not a practicing one, and I have never been what you would term a pillar of society.

How anyone could be so different from the rest of their family never ceases to amaze me, but there we have it.  I was, and probably in most ways still am, very different from them. But there came a time when a complete change in the way I thought and acted took place, and that started way back in 1982, some twenty eight years ago, and has slowly but surely completely changed my life for the better. And you will understand the reason as we progress.

For whatever reason, I was always attracted to the side of life which can only be deemed the seedier side.

The people I mixed with, the way I conducted myself. is not what I would advocate for others, yet I see so many young people these days travelling the same route as I did, and I despair for them, I really do.

After attending The Merchant Navy training school in Liverpool, at just fifteen years of age, I enjoyed a five year stint in the Merchant Navy , starting as a steward’s boy on passenger liners, then switching to cargo boats as a galley boy, and then second cook and baker, until eventually I became a Chief Cook.  But I also became, during my years at sea: a brothel hopper, smuggler, heavy drinker, and a smoker of Ghanja!

Then at the age of twenty one I came ashore to work and settle down.

Eventually, and I suppose given my outlook on life, inevitably, I became involved in the drugs market, and I don’t mean a few bits and bobs, I mean tonnes of the stuff.  So I will leave it up to your imagination to conjure up the types I mixed with, although I will at this point tell you I prefer the company of those people to the company of those that are in positions of authority, and are supposed to be doing the right thing for the citizens of this country. Because if they’re not directly involved in screwing the working class and the less fortunate in society to the wall, they are capable of knowing it is going on, and just because they are scared of losing their careers they do absolutely nothing about it. At least with villains and most criminals, and by that I mean the working class type of criminals, you know exactly were you stand.  And let’s face it, you don’t have to mix with them if you don’t want to, there are no airs and graces, no pretence, it’s just plain villainy.

(Having had to stop writing this, due to pins and needles in my right arm and leg – again, I feel I had better get down to the nitty gritty of this book.  I don’t want to suffer another stroke and not be able to finish it…)

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