95% right

Now, maybe I was not 100% right, because I never thought Gordon Brown would become Prime Minister, but it is certainly 95% right, which is frightening, and you will understand why it’s so frightening when I refer to another letter I wrote to Tony Benn, the contents of which I will mention in finishing this story.

Now there are some people I approached that I have not mentioned, but I should think by now you have an idea of just how relentless I have been in trying to let people know the truth, and the lengths I went to just to support my ex-clients, who had purchased policies from me, believing everything I had told them.  And although I thought at the time that I was doing a good job, and acting honestly, I doubt very much if they would believe that, except for the few I have supported, and whose policies have had to be honoured by this Co. now called, ‘FPLMA’ after merging with Friends Provident.

Before moving on to the next stage of this saga, I will answer the questions you must have in the back of your minds because if I was reading this as an outsider, I know what I would be thinking, and what questions I would want answering.

The first thing I would be thinking is: Anyone could write about past events and say they knew they were going to happen, and anyone could say that they had had a spiritual experience. And that’s quite understandable, because a lot of what I have written has already happened, and of course, I could have designed a story around it, for what ever reason.

So I will explain things in the only way I can, and then you can judge for yourself before reading anymore of this story.

First and foremost, what I tried to explain at the very beginning was something that can’t be proved, because it was a very private and very personal experience, but without the experience of that night none of the rest would have followed because the choices I would have made in my life would have been different.

And as far as going to an empty job centre, and then leaving Liverpool before joining the QE2, and meeting up with a teetotaller when I was a recovering alcoholic, well, nothing extra special about that, and I suppose one might just say it was pure luck, and I accept that.

But now we come to the arms deals and the cover up by all the authorities. What proof do I have that any of it really happened?

Very little I suppose, is the answer to that. But it can be verified by looking at the old newspapers concerning the suspension of the DCI inSwansea, and the jailing of Mike Allcock the taxman, and of course there is always Norman Luck the journalist and Dave Hutchins from Goldstones solicitors.

And although I gave the police the briefcase containing all the evidence that would prove everything I have said, I did for whatever reason keep a couple of things which I will photocopy and add to this at the end for you to read yourself.

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