Arms Deals and Corruption in Financial Services

Fighting for G.O.D.And life carried on as usual, until December of that year 2007, and I really can’t explain the reason why I just started to think about things, but I did, and none of it made sense.  To be honest, I tried not to think about things, I had left theUK to wash all of this out of my mind and just try to live what was left of my life, as quietly and relaxed as possible. But that just wasn’t to be, my sixth sense kept warning me there was something I was missing, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  For the first time since I arrived on Gozo, my head was full of arms deals, the corruption in the financial services, and the way I had watched everything get covered up, and how the police had whitewashed the investigation into my claims, that I was a victim of the whistleblower treatment, and how the NHS, and certain doctors, had taken part in this despicable crime.

All these thoughts and all the things I had come to Gozo to either escape, or just simply try to forget, were in my head once again, and I was constantly trying to just brush all my questions to one side, and lead the relaxed and carefree life I had been leading, until that strange night with Joe Vella, but nothing seemed to work.

After spending a very relaxing day in Victoria, the centre of Gozo, I went home and made myself something to eat, and decided on having an early night.  I was in bed before eleven, and remember saying quietly, before switching the light off, ‘God I wish you would help me make some sense of all this.’, andwhat happened next took as long to happen as it will take you to read it; a voice spoke to me and it said, ‘you can now stop taking your medication, but not all at once, reduce it slowly, you will feel that you are going to die, but you won’t, you don’t need, it and you never have.’

And that was it, I can only assume that’s the point I woke up, but I can tell you I woke up feeling very different, and I won’t even try to explain how I felt different, because I am not sure myself.  I could tell you I felt like a cloud had been lifted from my head, and that I felt positive, and yes, I did feel that, but with a whole lot more attached, so much more in fact, that I sat on the edge of my bed, and said out loud, ‘Time to put your money where your mouth is Bellett.’  And I broke every tablet in half before I took it.

Don’t think that over the next few days I never considered the consequences of my actions, of course I did, who wouldn’t?  Let’s face it, to stop taking medication you believed had kept you alive for the past twelve years, is not a decision you make on some sort of whim, and I can tell you, it was not a decision I made because of what Joe Vella had said, it was a decision made on what that voice had said, and on how I had felt after hearing it, and I believe that’s called faith.

After a couple of weeks of not suffering any adverse affects from the reduced intake of medication, I decided to reduce it even further by only taking the already reduced amount every other day, and still I had no adverse reaction or change in the way I felt. The noises in my head, and the whooshing sensation still happened the same as the tingling and numbness in my arms and hands, but the chest pain, if anything, had become slightly less, but to be honest, I had experienced brief periods, during the twelve years that I was taking the medication, when symptoms eased off, and then flared up again. So all in all I felt no different, if anything I felt slightly better.

Naturally, over this period I had gone through everything in my mind, from that night with Joe, to the slight change in the atmosphere I had felt the very next time I saw him, and even to the visit to his doctor, Patrick. Remember now, I also knew Joe was a freemason, so what I had worked out, and the conclusion I had reached was this: that Joe had done what he had said he had, and had me checked out, but not by the police in the way I had assumed he meant, but by his Masonic brothers in the police force, and that he had been given the information he revealed to me at a lodge meeting.  Now I realised why I felt that slight change in atmosphere, it wasn’t through embarrassment, it was because he had woken up the next morning and realised what a mistake he had made, he had broken his oath of secrecy, and that was a very dangerous thing to do.  And the visit after all those weeks to see his doctor, the blood tests  — and so on   he was just having me checked to see if I still had the drugs in my system.

This was certainly a very dodgy situation I was in, and I knew one thing; this was something I had got to keep completely to myself, or I might never leave this Island, and believe me, I am being deadly serious when I say that.

The one thing I had done, and don’t ask me why I even thought about it, because I am internet illiterate and had only just started getting used to using a mobile phone, and texting people, but I went on the internet and just punched in a question to Jeeves, and this was it: ‘What is the Roman Catholic Church’s opinion on freemasonry?’

Well, you can’t even imagine the look that must have come across my face when pages and pages of sites, and literature come up on screen, and I would advise all Roman Catholics to do exactly what I did, and read some of this stuff.  Basically you’re excommunicated if you become a Freemason, and if you leave the ‘brotherhood’ for whatever reason, you have to be counselled before you are accepted back into the church, it’s all very heavy stuff, and I won’t pretend that I read it all.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t have to because within the first few pages I scanned through, this particular bit of information more or less confirmed all or most of the things that had, on plenty of occasions, crossed my mind over the years from the time I left Liverpool, till the time I read it.  And the information was this: that centuries ago, a Grand Master of a Masonic lodge, sent forth two hundred of the brotherhood.  Their purpose and one aim in life was to infiltrate the Roman Catholic Church.  The intention of which, was to eventually end up with a Masonic Pope, and to destroy the Roman Catholic Church from within.’

Well that made all the pieces fit together in my mind, but it also made me proud to be a Roman Catholic, and I took some satisfaction from the fact we must be feared by these people, if they would go to that extreme.

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