Redundancy: the Reward for Telling the Truth

At this stage I will tell you that I had been complaining to senior management about a lot of wrong doings that area managers, and others, had been up to, and my complaints fell on deaf ears.  And when I list what I reported, I doubt if you will believe it, because it is so seriously criminal, but this next stage can all be proved.

To begin with, I will lead you into this unbelievable list of criminal shenanigans by telling you that because of what I witnessed, and complained of to senior management I put in for, and was given redundancy, in 1996.

The list comprised:

  • Forgery of client’s signatures;
  • Charging placement fees for mortgages;
  • Running of a separate business, selling wills, causing a conflict of interests;
  • An area manager, selling, and offering to staff, forged ten pound notes, and counterfeit label clothes, pirate copies of tapes, and stolen sports equipment.

And as a result of my efforts to do the right thing, what do you think my reward was?

Well, I was ‘warned’ that if I didn’t stop persisting with my complaints, my life would be ‘ruined’ by these people.

And who do you think that warning came from?  It came from one of the area managers that I was complaining about, Gareth Roberts, the office MSF union rep Norman Thicket, and two senior MSF officials no less, and they were Messes Viv Measplettes, and Mr Arthur Taylor.

And if you think that’s bad, that was only the start of it all. And the best way I can think of explaining what in my mind are the worst examples of the corruption and evil, is to list all the authorities and the political bodies that you believe, are there to protect your rights, and to defend you against abuse.

Before going any further, you must understand there is a format you must follow when lodging a complaint, and I followed it to the letter.

First, after taking my redundancy I wrote to Tom Pyne, CEO of London & Manchester Assurance Co. who passed me onto their legal department.  This led to meetings with their senior investigator Mr John Alan, and at the meeting, which I think was the last one, he asked me ‘What do you want, do you want a brokerage?’

That was an offer of a bribe to just walk away and drop all my charges. My answer to that was a definite ‘No!’

Let me explain the meaning of that offer.  I had been offered a brokerage by the brokerage arm of the company some time before, and that offer was £50,000 paid into my bank account, to help with expenses setting up my business, plus an infinite number of client cards to work from. And the way I could sell this would have given me an income way in excess of £150,000 a year, and the reason for the difference in what could be earned in my old position was this; say I sold a Lifespan policy for £100 per month, as an investment advisor, I would probably have earned commission of approx £60, but that same policy sold as a broker would have earned me £1,500 a bit of a difference, wouldn’t you agree?

But once again, rather than go into all the detail of what was discussed, and what treatment I received working through all the complaints procedures, I will just list them, and add one comment by each, and that comment as you will see, becomes the norm.

So now to name the other bodies I approached afterLondon&Manchesterwhitewashed everything and did nothing.

This list of official bodies comprised:

  • The PIA, Personal Investment Authority, (Whitewash.)
  • Mr Roger Lyons, secretary of the MSF union, (Whitewash.)
  • The MSF solicitors Thompson’s ofCardiff, (Whitewash.)
  • The FSA Financial Services Authority, (Whitewash.)
  • TheWest MidlandsFraud Squad, (Whitewash.)
  • The High Courts of Justice (to oppose the merger between Friends Provident andLondon&Manchester, (Whitewash.)
  • At least a dozen MPs, (their excuse for not doing anything was the strict rules of protocol they had to adhere to, “forbidding” them to advise, or even meet with me, because I was not a constituent of theirs, which led to my meeting with my local Labour MP at that time, a Mr Alan Williams, who told me; “Although I believe everything you are showing me, and are telling me, fighting the system is a lifetimes work, and I already work over sixty hours a week.”

He then sent all the information I placed before him to the Parliamentary Ombudsman, (Whitewash.)

Next stop: Adam Price (M.P) and Rhoderi Glynn Thomas (A.M) when Plaid Cymru (the political party that took over Ammanford from The Labour Party) (Whitewash.)

Then I wrote to Tony Blair, our Prime Minister, not once but on several occasions, and I always received confirmation that my letter had been received but nothing else. (Whitewash.)

In one of my letters to Tony Blair dated March 2001 was my prediction based on past experiences that:

  1. You will win a third term in office, but with a greatly reduced majority, and you will not serve a full term.
  2. It will be at that time, that the financial chaos you have been set up to inherit will explode, and the Labour party will be ejected from office.
  3. It will be at that time, that Michael Heseltine, Ken Clark, and Peter Mandelson will crawl out of the woodwork like the cockroaches they are.
  4. You will take this country to war with Iraq, but you will not find any weapons of mass destruction, and no nuclear weapons.

That was not all: I also warned him not to be a part of, or indeed be the first one to use a nuclear weapon. Why?  Because this will allow your enemies to respond in kind, and they will not be responding with missiles, they will respond with the dirty nuclear devices that they have secreted all overEurope.

At this point I will tell you of one other Great British Institution I approached with all this information and proof, The Sun Newspaper, and Trevor Kavanagh, that well known and self proclaimed Svengali of politics, and what did he have to say? ‘It’s not political enough for our newspaper!’

Even Ben Proctor, the reporter who I first approached at the Sun newspaper, couldn’t believe that one. And this is a question for you to ponder, would Trevor Kavanagh still say that now?

He and his newspaper are puppets of the rich and powerful, and certainly not the voice for the working classes that they disguise themselves to be.

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