The story I have written has not and cannot be altered because what I have written is as the title suggests, ‘Simply The Truth’, but the reasoning I used when I embarked upon this, ‘has changed’, and I have realised that the two questions I have constantly asked myself have been answered. Today is Sunday the 19th December 2010 and the last entry I typed in this manuscript was on Monday 24th October 2010, and in the short period between entries I have received just one message on my answer phone from the police telling me that things were taking a bit longer than expected. But some very interesting events have taken place and they have given this story a bit of a twist, the first thing was to meet up with Meirion Bowen the Dyfed Powys Councillor I have mentioned in the story. And that meeting led to further introductions to others that have had first hand experience of the same type of institutional cover up and corruption on a scale that is quite unbelievable.

This preface could turn into another story, because of the information that’s coming in, in floods, information that is actually turning my stomach.

The Roman Catholic Church is being demonized, and although I am a Roman Catholic by birth I do not propose to try and make any sort of plea on behalf of any priest or clergyman or woman, but, I would just like to point out that it isn’t just the Catholic clergy that’s been involved in these practices it’s well documented that the United Church, Anglican and Presbyterian churches were also involved and that all was covered up by Governments and Government institutions and Agencies, and if anything can be worse than the offences committed by these people, it’s the fact that Governments, local politicians and all the people we think are protecting our interests and our children are a part of the cover up and in some cases are directly involved in the abuse itself.

To go back through my life would need more than a short story, but I feel that among the confusion of it all there is a message.

And before I go any further, I do not think that I am anything unusual, or more complicated than thousands or even millions of other people; but some events have made me look closely at the world and the way things seems to trundle unabated from bad to worse, and then to question ‘Why is it as it is?’

And the answer to that question is, because we let it by, ignoring things, and comforting ourselves with the idea that it will all turn out for the best, and that someone else will take care of things, and that good will prevail – but this is just a cop out.

And all the while we act and think like that, the very people who are responsible for ruining other peoples lives to enhance their own, are sitting back and laughing at all the poor unfortunates who rely on them to do the right thing. Believe me I thought exactly the same as them at one time, but now, well I’m afraid that I have to admit I was conned, just like they’re being conned, and will continue to be conned for as long as we let them carry on unquestioned.

And who are they? One might ask. They are the people we vote for, the people who promise us everything, and then deliver nothing except more of the same.

Just over the past few months we have been given a slight inkling as to the extent of the corruption in the political arena, or I should say we have found out some of what has to be the worst kept secret in the world.

And if that’s not bad enough, we find out that the very institutions, the newspapers, that are supposed to keep us informed, are as corrupt as the politicians. Newspapers using wire taps, followed by payments made by them for out of court settlements – and no Police inquiry!  Why not?  That’s the question we should be asking.

If the wire taps etc were to expose the corruption in politics, or some huge illegal arms deal, or a matter concerning national security, then so be it. And for my money, in cases like that, the end justifies the means. But this was just gossip, and a little bit of scandal, and only reported to cause embarrassment to the people the media have targeted.

And although we find the press reluctant to print the real stories that would show just how this country is being governed, and by whom, I must admit that the bulk of those exposed deserved it. But, when they have real news and refuse to print it, then that poses this question, why won’t they?

If I was to say that in 1988 I walked into a police station in Swansea, with a very good friend of mine, and gave information that British arms dealers were supplying the Hezbollah terrorists in Iran with weaponry to use on our troops, at this stage of the story you would probably think, ‘Oh here we go, another nutter trying to make the headlines, or another con man, trying to make a few bob from the conspiracy theory that everyone laughs off as too fantastic a plot to be true.’

Well let me assure you, I am neither a nutter nor a con man trying to extract a few pennies from your pocket.  

To try and give you all the details of my life and my experiences would not be a short story but a very long and complicated one, so I will just give you a few details of my past and let you decide if it qualifies me to make the statements I am about to make. Understand this, I am sixty two years of age and I don’t believe I am going to be around for much longer, so really I have no fear of the repercussions that might arise from any of the statements I am about to make, and the people I am going to name.

And I can also assure you that what I am about to relate is exactly what the heading states it is – the truth.  And in saying that I add, make of it what you will, for it is for your benefit that I write this.

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