A New Chapter of Lies and Truth

It was the beginning of May 2008 when I closed my apartment door, leaving most of my belongings behind, and made my way to the ferry to get toMalta, thenLuqaAirport.  And I can tell you this, I didn’t feel I could relax until I felt that aeroplane start to taxi up the runway and lift off; then I smiled, sucked in my breath and muttered,’ Well here we go Peter, let’s see what’s next.’ What did happen next isn’t what I thought would happen.

When I landed at BirminghamI was picked up at the airport by a friend, and travelled to Wolverhampton.  That was exactly two years ago this month, and what a two years they have been.  I don’t think anyone could imagine what corruption and lies I have had to witness and listen to, but rather than confuse you with all the details, I will break it down into pieces, and just tell you of the main things, and from them and my explanation, you can make up your own mind.  But once again everything I am about to write is fully backed up by evidence.

The first thing I did was to contact Gwyn Thomas, now Chief Superintendent Gwyn Thomas, the same Gwyn Thomas that promised me faithfully that he would oversee the investigation into my charges, and promised me faithfully that he would make sure it was thorough, and professional.  That was a con from the very beginning, but after receiving that whitewash of a report, which took fifteen months to compile, (fifteen months, in which time I never received one update) I was told by one of the officers,  D. C. Simon Lewis Davies, that if I produced more evidence it would be investigated.

Well, that was another lie.  I had my meeting with Mr Thomas, and the first words out of his mouth were to tell me how well I looked.

I replied, ‘And I feel a lot better as well.’  Then I explained everything to him about the way I found out that I didn’t need the medication, and never had needed it.  I showed him all the medication that I should have taken, which at that time was four and a half- months-worth, and waited for his reply, thinking he would immediately re-open the investigation, and all would be revealed.

What a fool I was!  Instead of being told that they were going to re-open the investigation, I’m told this, ‘You have had your investigation and we don’t intend to re-open it ‘can’t you just be glad you feel better.’

I was gob smacked, ‘Can’t I just be glad I feel better?’ I mouthed, ‘No I can’t just be happy I feel better, what about the twelve years I have suffered chest pains, constant dizziness, blackouts and confusion?  And I am certainly not happy I’ve had twelve years of my working life stolen! Would you be happy if that happened to a member of your family?’

He started to get agitated and just repeated, ‘You have had your investigation, and that’s the end of the matter as far as we are concerned.’

What could I say?  It was obvious this man just wasn’t interested in the truth.  He had followed his orders from above in 2004, and whitewashed the investigation, and had his promotion, and that was that.

To say I was fuming is an understatement, but it did fire me up, and I decided to go through every bit of paperwork that I had kept, knowing that somewhere among the thousands of sheets of paper there would be more evidence, and also thinking that maybe four and a half months medication-free wasn’t long enough to be taken seriously.

My next move was to lobby Edwina Hart, our health minister at her constituency office.  I had written to her outlining the circumstances surrounding my case, and believing once again that a person in her position of authority would want to root out any malpractice in the very health service that she was responsible for.  Another big mistake!

At that meeting she made this statement, and I can’t remember what led her to say it, but it was this: ‘I am a Roman Catholic Mr Bellett, and I follow the teaching of the Holy Father.’

I just looked at her and replied: ‘I’m a Roman Catholic, not the best in the world, and I’m the first person to admit that, but, I do believe in God, and everything I am telling you is the truth.’

She thanked me for bringing matters to her attention, and said she would look at the paperwork I had provided her with.  And that was that, I got up, shook her hand, and left.

But I do remember thinking, ‘A Roman Catholic aye, I hope she’s not just another Tony Blair.’

Within days I received her letter saying how pleased she was that my health had improved, but this was something that she didn’t feel she could become involved in, and that I should contact the GMC.  When I read that letter I shook my head and thought, ‘She is another Tony Blair.  This man takes the country into an illegal war, murdering hundreds of thousands of people, and then converts to Catholicism thinking all his sins would be washed away with his baptism, and uses his religion whenever he thinks it will benefit him.’

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Fully agree with observations about Blair but I fail to grasp the real substance of Peter’s complaint

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