Doctors are beyond Investigation

There is an obvious reluctance on behalf of the police to investigate any doctor, and I can quote case after case where this is quite obvious.  It’s no secret that the police force is a breeding ground for freemasons; as a matter of fact, if you don’t join the masons then your promotion prospects are not very good, and its apparent that this is the case in the medical profession: judges, barristers, solicitors, civil servants, M.P’s and politicians of whatever party, are seduced into this evil and corrupt brotherhood.  And once they’re in, then there is no going back, and the oaths that they swear are sacrosanct, ‘Total loyalty to a brother mason, at whatever consequence to others.’, is just one of their sworn oaths; and to protect a fellow mason, they are sworn to: cheat, lie, conspire, and commit any crime, except treason and murder, and as I have written, I believe the only crime that’s not permitted is treason.

Murder is common place in this Satanic cult, it was these people that were responsible for the murder of Princess Dianna, and the police, the judiciary, and even governments helped to cover it up, and treated us like mugs, in expecting us to believe it was an accident.  You only have to look at the evidence to know it is a cover up, and they just get away with it.

They planned hundreds of years ago to infiltrate the Roman Catholic Church, and destroy it from within, and I believe they have infiltrated our church, whether or not they have achieved their ultimate goal, and have a Masonic Pope, I really don’t know.  But what I do know is this isn’t a time to lose faith in our priests and bishops, and the teachings of our Church; this is a time to re-affirm your belief in Christ and in his teachings.

He laid down the rules we must follow, and they seem to be getting watered down, it’s as if we are being led to believe that these laws were only applicable at the time of Christ, but now we have moved on, and if you want to have a gay marriage, then that’s okay, and its normal to be bisexual.  Well I am not a homophobe, I believe every one has a free will, and if that’s what you choose, then that is your choice.  And I don’t believe you should be vilified, or stoned to death for having those views, and practicing whatever lifestyle you wish to.

But I do take offence when people in the public eye, like pop stars and celebrities, make comments like the comment Elton John made, when he said he believed Jesus Christ was a very intelligent gay man.

From the time teenagers, or even younger children, start to feel that first hormonal surge, and they become inquisitive about the sexual feelings that they are inevitably starting to experience, then that isn’t the time to be letting them be taught that any form of sexual relationship is quite normal, because they are vulnerable to the temptations of the flesh, and believe me I am speaking from experience.

While everyone is trying very hard to make it easier to be a sinner, and people in the public eye are making the comments that I have described, we as Roman Catholics should be turning to our priests, and bishops for guidance, and not just sitting back and saying nothing, or just muttering under our breath that what these people are saying is wrong.  We should fight for our beliefs and follow the teachings of Christ to the letter.

We should ask people like Tony Blair why he converted to Catholicism, and then say that the teachings of our church should be modernised, and that we should accept gay relationships as ‘the norm’, and that we should change our attitude towards the use of condoms.  To be honest, the question he should answer is ‘Why did he convert to Catholicism if he holds those views?’….views which he must have known, are in direct conflict to the laws of our Church.

Was it perhaps after taking this country into an illegal war, and being responsible for many deaths, he thought, ‘Oh, I will become a convert, and with the baptism all my sins will be washed away and I will be forgiven?’

Well I suppose only he knows the reasons behind his decision to convert to Catholicism, but if he was thinking along the lines I have suggested, then he is completely deluding himself.

To be forgiven you have to be repentant, and furthermore admit to your sins; not try and excuse them, because by trying to excuse them you’re saying that you don’t believe you were wrong in the first place, and what must follow on from that is you are not repenting at all!

So now you can see from what I have written that I have had no success at all in trying to expose the corruption I have been trying to expose.  I got nowhere in trying to do the right thing, and expose the arms dealers and their shoddy vile dealings.  Nowhere trying to expose the corruption in the financial services and the way they conspired to rip everyone off, and as of yet, nowhere exposing the way the doctors deliberately over medicated me, to punish me, and if not kill me, certainly ruin my life and stop my efforts trying to expose all the corruption I have seen.

So I have sat down and tried to work out why I have been led along the paths that I have been led, if no one is prepared to act upon the information that I have provided, and nothing is changing.  And there are only two reasons I can come up with.

The first is that these experiences have been my own personal test of faith, and have been to see if I would do the right thing, instead of choosing to accept the financial, and other rewards I was offered.

The second is maybe I wasn’t meant to win, maybe the object of all this fighting was to just be able to write this message to my fellow brother and sister Roman Catholics in an attempt to assure them there is a God in heaven, but also to warn them that there is also an attempt being made by the Devil and his disciples, to undermine our religion and our faith in Jesus Christ.

Our religion and our faith are being ridiculed in the most scandalous way, but also in a very cunning and devious way.  And I give this as an example:  The Sun Newspaper, the very newspaper that told me in 1997-8 that what I was reporting about the corruption in the financial services wasn’t political enough for their newspaper!  The newspaper that is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, along with The Express, that told me if I didn’t stop trying to expose the arms deals that I might end up with a bullet in the back of my head!

Well the Sun wrote an article in its newspaper on March 21st 2010, with this heading: Pope’s exorcist confesses that the Devil lives in The Vatican; then the report went on to say that the Pope’s chief exorcist, Fr. Gabriele Amorth, said the sex scandal engulfing the Catholic Church is proof of Satan’s presence, and that the Christmas attack on Pope Benedict XV1 was also proof that Satan had a foothold at the very heart of the church- that we have cardinals who don’t believe in Jesus, and bishops who are linked to demons. The report then goes on:  Fr.  Amorth told how people possessed by demons, spewed up nails and glass as he and others held them down, highlighting NAILS and GLASS by writing it in bold print as I have just done, and then they go on to report that Fr. Amorth’s favourite movie is the Exorcist, and that he believes the J. K .Rowling’s novels tempted kids into dabbling in the occult, and that he also believes that Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin had been possessed.

Looking at this report, alongside other stories in this particular newspaper about the sexual abuse of children by priests, it gives a subtle inference that this man, this Fr. Amorth, who is eighty four years old, is just a bit of an eccentric old man who is living in the past.

So let’s take things backwards.  Can anyone doubt that if Stalin and Hitler were not possessed, that they certainly were not normal people, and just maybe they were part of a brotherhood of like minded people, who believe in the Masonic saying; ‘It is better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven’.  Call them what you want, but to me they were disciples of the Devil, and isn’t it plausible that a percentage of young impressionable people may be tempted to dabble in the occult after watching a Harry Potter movie, especially if they were being groomed by a predatory adult.

And although I have seen people regurgitating all manner of things, from stones to coins, and even billiard balls, I have never witnessed anyone spewing up nails, glass, or finger long pieces of metal; though I have heard of people swallowing those types of things, from doctors and others.

And whether it is Demonic possession or a mental health problem that led them to do it, it surely follows on that if you swallow it, you can spew it up!  That’s logic.

And of course the Devil lives in the Vatican, he lives in the Vatican in the souls of his disciples: those cardinals and bishops that don’t believe in Jesus and that have aligned themselves with devils and demons.  And if this wasn’t the case, I would be very surprised, because Satan has a foothold in every other power base throughout the World, and let’s face it, The Freemasons decided hundreds of years ago to infiltrate our church and destroy it from within; but the Vatican is only a building — we are the church, so we should acknowledge that the Devil has a foothold in this power house, and we should ‘actively seek out this evil and destroy it.’

And I am not advocating violence, in fact that is the exact opposite of what I am suggesting. I am suggesting that you rid our church of these evil people, in the same manner as you should use to destroy the evil arms traders, and financial despots, that are holding us all to ransom. You point the finger at them, and ask the questions which will expose them for what they are.

We are expected to believe that their way is the only way, and that the market economy is the only way forward, and that they understand things better than we do.

Do we really believe that?

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