Let’s Come together as Christians and Believers

This is not the time to turn away from your church and your faith, this is the very time we should all come together as Christians and believers in God, and refuse to sit back and let these ungodly people achieve their ultimate goal, and destroy our church and our world. This is a time when you should encourage your fellow Catholics that may be lapsing into apathy; those who go to church over Christmas and Easter, but then forget about religion for another year, we need to try and rekindle their enthusiasm. Once you have tried to do this, then the decision is theirs.  They can brush off your warning, and if that is the case, then so be it; at least you have tried, but you really must try.

What I have described as the ‘cure all and cover up’ being war, is once again not just something I have just decided on, its something I referred to earlier, and said I would say more about.  Something I wrote to Tony Benn (MP) about, and he wrote back and thanked me.  This is from memory, but I bet it’s pretty much word for word:

I wrote and told him about the arms dealers and the financial services etc. and the links between them, Sir Michael Heseltine, The Sir James Laing Group of Companies, the arms deals the Millennium Dome, and the fact that Sir Michael Heseltine was the main architect of the Financial Services Act, which allowed financial institutions to quote 13% returns on pensions, and to be allowed to regulate themselves.

The Third World War started the day the American Government of Ronald Reagan, caved in to the ransom demands of the Hezbollah Terrorists when they held the hostages on the plane in the Iranian desert.  The British Government of Thatcher, Heseltine, and Clarke, brought us into it by helping them, along with the Israeli Secret Services, to supply the terrorists with arms for the release of hostages.

The financial services conned the British public out of their money, and intended to bring this country to its knees, and create financial chaos throughout the world, causing mass unemployment and unrest, and of course, set the best recruitment sergeant loose, to seduce our young unemployed men and women, into the armed forces.

The Israeli’s will bomb the Iranian nuclear installations, and even with conventional weapons, will create a nuclear holocaust.  And its then that they will retaliate and unleash their weaponry: the nuclear dirty bombs that we are all now being told that they have.

Then I wrote this, but look on the bright side, this would kill off all the old, the weak, and the sick; curing in one foul swoop, all the bed blocking in the NHS and all the pension problems; so that can’t be bad can it?

And of course the unemployment problem would be solved at the same time, and there would be plenty of work when it was all over. And better still, no one would put two and two together, and they would turn right back to the very people who caused all of it for guidance and support.

Job done and the Devil will dance, while he laughs at us for being so gullible and easy to cheat.

So now the ends of the circle ‘have joined’, and the Conservatives have crept back into power, not with the overwhelming majority that I predicted in 2001 I admit, but, in power nevertheless.

All I can hope for is that I have got everything wrong, and it won’t be the case that the Israeli’s will bombIran. The rest of what I have written has, and still is happening and will continue to happen, unless people start questioning the way we are treated by the authorities, and why when people try to expose all the corruption and abuses of power that exist, they are pushed from one complaints department to the next, and lost in paperwork, and told ‘these things’ take time.  Yes they do take time, a manufactured length of time that stops the truth ever coming out in time to make a difference, and punish the offenders.

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