Protect the Offenders

There are just two days before a Conservative Government creeps back into power and that to me means that the cycle has been completed, and the ends of the circle have met. And this is going to be very testing time for all of us.

The financial chaos that has been purposely manufactured by the Conservative party of Margaret Thatcher, Sir Michael Heseltine, and Ken Clarke, is now in full swing, and will only get worse creating mass unemployment and discontent, the best recruiting sergeant that the armed forces could ever wish for and it works every time!

Thousands and thousands of our young men and women, will see no other way out of the circumstances of no employment, than to secure the one job that is assured, and sign up to fight.

The third world war started when the Thatcher Government conspired with the Reagan Government, and with the help of the Israelis, supplied the Hezbollah terrorists with arms for the release of hostages, at the same time as they were telling the general public that there were no u-turns to be made on this, and no giving into terrorism.  Another lie!

These same arms have been used to kill our own forces, and Robert Gates, theUSAdefence secretary, now has the cheek to warn the world that the Hezbollah terrorists have more arms than most Governments.

But now its time to punish the Iranians, and I believe this will be done by the Israelis bombing the Iranian nuclear instillations.

And it makes no difference what conventional bombs they use, the outcome will be the same, a nuclear disaster on an unprecedented scale, and this will be the excuse needed by the Iranians to retaliate, not with missiles, but with the dirty bombs like the suitcase bombs, that the arms dealers talked about.

Can this be avoided?  Well to use a saying that Archbishop Desmond Tu Tu used, which I feel expresses my own sentiments, ‘I am not an optimist, I am a prisoner of hope.’, and that is exactly what I am: A prisoner of hope.

And I really do hope that I am completely and utterly wrong, but the truth is, everything else I wrote to Tony Blair in 2001 has happened.

What’s happening inGreece, and other parts of the world, is the beginning of what’s to come.  Everywhere, people are seeking out and condemning the corrupt politicians, and the corrupt councillors that deal with the rich and powerful, and accept bribes to pass laws on income and other taxes, that benefit the rich, and impoverishes the poor.

These are the politicians who give contracts to large construction firms instead of giving them to people who will complete the work at just a fraction of the cost, and of course, once a politician has taken that first bribe he has no way of  turning back, and the cycle of corruption continues and grows.  And of course, the one sure way of diverting people’s attention from what they have done, and how they are sucking the life from everyone, and depriving them of a decent standard of living, is war.

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