The Devil Triumphs when Good Men do Nothing

And now to pick up where I left off:  After leaving that meeting with Dr. Ebden, I drove down to Oystermouth Road, and headed toward Swansea, and then to Ammanford.  The one thing I can tell you is, if I hadn’t have found that parking space, I would never have met the doctor, because everywhere was full of parked cars, and I doubt if I would have reached the hospital before eleven thirty at the earliest.  Call it good luck, call it coincidence, or call it whatever you like, and I would not argue with you, but what happened next, just days later, I don’t believe was just good luck or coincidence.

It was the evening of the 13th February, when I went to bed as usual, and said my prayers before falling to sleep, only to wake up as bright as a button at four in the morning.  No stretching and lazily waking up, I mean waking up, and being wide awake.  I looked at the time and thought that I would get up have a cup of tea, a cigarette, and get right back to bed, and that’s just what I did; but as I sat there watching the Sky News channel, a thought, or a voice in my head just said, ‘look through the paperwork.’  I just shook that thought right out of my head and carried on watching TV, then it came back again, this thought to look at my paperwork, and once again I dismissed it, but the thought persisted until eventually I got up, cursing myself and saying out loud, ‘You will never learn will you Bellett’  Thinking, as I was picking up the nearest bundle of papers, ‘You’re going to go through all this again, and when you go back to bed its all going to start running through your head, and you can forget sleep and that’s for sure!

How wrong I was, because the first thing I looked at was a print out of my prescriptions from my GP’s surgery, and I had had those in my possession for about nine months, and had looked through them dozens of times, but this time my eyes were drawn to one word, and that was ‘Imdur’.  Maybe because that particular drug is in bold letters, but whatever the reason, there I was looking at it.  Then like a bolt out of the blue I noticed the date it first appeared, which was 20th June, 2001.  There were five years missing, because that was one of the first drugs I was prescribed in 1996, and I realised that you can lose five years of all the medication just by pressing the wrong button a couple of times, and you could even lose it from the re-cycle bin if you were that inept at using computers, but you can’t lose five years of any one particular drug!  Some one had to erase each letter of Imdur, one at a time, then press delete, and repeat this process approximately thirty four times, so this was no accident!  And by way of coincidence, that was exactly the same drug Philip Avery had said he would have stopped first if he had seen me (which he did do) in 1997, the very same drug that causes the chest pain!

So now I find, not only had they deleted the Simvastatin from the June 1998 till January 1999, to fit in with their false account of events, but they had also deleted five years Imdur. The funny thing was, I just smiled went back to bed, thanked God, and fell right back to sleep.

About three or four hours later I got up, showered, and went to see Mr. Irons the chemist in Garnant, and asked him if he could give me a print off of my prescriptions from as far back as he could till 2003.  He said, ‘No problem.’ and invited me into the back of his shop, but he couldn’t print it!

He told me to come back the next morning, and that it would be there for me.  Well I can tell you that that night I didn’t sleep, but I was still up bright and early the next morning, showered, and in the chemist’s bynine thirty, and true to his word, there it was in an envelope waiting for me.

I raced home and took a deep breath before opening it, but bingo! There it was on every month that my medication had been prescribed, Imdur, Imdur, Imdur, and that sealed the deal. Why? Because the chemist can’t dispense a drug without it being prescribed!  At last I thought, now let’s see someone explain this away.

For over a year I had been demanding that the police re-open the investigation, and for all that time I had been getting fobbed off, and passed from one department to another, but now I wrote to the Commissioner of Police, and Ian Arundale, the Chief Constable of Dyfed Powys, and sent him copies of the chemist’s and the GP’s prescription print off.  I also wrote to the Secretary of State Peter Hain, and without going into all the details, because all the letters are there, I will just cut to the chase.

I met with Peter Hain and he told me he couldn’t advise me because of the strict rules of protocol, (which is the usual copout) but he did say it was a very serious matter, and it had to be investigated, and told me exactly what I already knew, which was that it could not have been done accidentally, that it had to have been deleted one item at a time.

On the 31st March, 2010, I had a meeting with Detective Inspector Huw Davies, and Inspector Paul Williams, and I was told that these print outs of the prescriptions are evidence, and that an investigation would take place.  They also agreed the deletions could not have been accidental, and that they had to have been done one at a time.  They asked me to make a statement in as simplistic terms as possible, and hand it in for them to read, and that is exactly what I did, and I handed it in on Tuesday 6th April 2010, that was exactly twenty days ago, so really that is as far as I can tell you.

What do I expect from the police? Well what should happen is that they get all the information, from both the hospital computer and my GP’s surgery computer hard drives, and if they were to do that, they will find all the proof they need to charge these people with conspiracy, falsification of documents, forgery, conspiracy to conceal the truth, and if not attempted murder, certainly with knowingly prescribing un-necessary drugs with the intention to cause grievous bodily harm.  That’s what should happen, but personally I think it will be a case of damage limitation, and no-one will be held accountable.

But now we are at this stage, its time to tell you the reason I have written this story, because I doubt very much if you have any idea what the real reason is.

And the only way to do that, is to go back to the beginning and explain the thoughts I had at the time, but believe me, what I thought myself at the start, was altogether wrong, a 100 per cent wrong.

The experiences I have had, and related truthfully to you, without any embellishment at all, no bright lights, no winged messengers, just spiritual feelings that left me feeling euphoric, and that defy explanation — spiritual feelings, that have guided me from one path to the next, almost like sign posts.

From the time I was told I was to be given a chance to show I meant everything I had said, things were never the same again.  I was told it was time to leave Liverpool, and without any hesitation I did exactly that, walking into an empty job centre and being given a job that very same day, and jumping a train, and being in Aberystwyth the next day, only to end up being given information which led to my meetings with two Union Officials, which further led to me leaving Aberystwyth and signing on the QE2 as a specialist cook.

Believe me, the day I signed those articles making me a crew member, I thanked God for giving me the chance to change my life, and the guidance to have ended up as I had ended up, on a ship ready to set sail on a world cruise, and believe me, at that stage I thought that was my chance, and that it was up to me now to prove I was worthy by changing my ways, and the way I conducted myself, and never again hurt people, or get involved in any criminal activities.  And believe me when I tell you I had plenty of chances on that ship to ‘fall by the wayside’, but I didn’t.

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