The Fight between Good and Evil

This is a fight between good and evil, and we as Catholics should realise this, and as I have said, turn to our priests and bishops, and re-affirm our faith and belief in God.

This is not a time to waiver, it’s a time to stand up against this evil and face it head on and question these people, don’t just sit back and follow them like sheep.

And the only way we can be successful, is by exposing them at every opportunity, and come together as one, and refuse to accept anything less than the truth.  And pray to God and all the Saints for the strength to do this, and advise all those lapsing Catholics that this is not the time to doubt the teachings of Christ, but a time to keep ourselves in a permanent state of grace, go to church, and pray for forgiveness and come together as a family, and draw strength from your brother and sister Catholics, and your priests and bishops.

What happens next? I really don’t know.  Naturally, I will carry on fighting to expose this evil, but whether my efforts will make any difference I can’t say at this point, but I know that what I am doing is the right thing. And that’s all any of us can do, and that’s all Jesus Christ asked of us.

It is now the 14th May 2010, and I am finishing this story.  But there are just two things about the arms dealers left to tell you, and these are things I said I would comment on before finishing, and the first one is this:  The components that were described to me as a part for a radar system, resembling a bulb for a computer till.  Well, after hearing my description, two under cover Customs and Excise men told me that I could have well been describing Nuclear Triggers.

The second thing is, the offer that was made to me, of going to theUSAand strapping a belt around my waist (supposedly equipment for forensics) to be delivered toSouth Africa. I later read in the newspaper, and heard on the news, of two deaths related to radiation poisoning, apparently from carrying some ‘toxic’ material around the waist.  So that lets you know exactly what those belts contained and it certainly wasn’t forensic testing equipment.

And finally, last night I received a call from Inspector Paul Williams from Ammanford Police Station, informing me that the report that Detective Huw Davies was sending to his superiors, recommended that further investigations should be carried out concerning my allegations against the doctors.

So there we have it, I should be dancing around with excitement, but I can’t let myself believe anything till it happens.

As I have said, and I repeat the reason for everything that has happened, and every path I have been led along, is not just to win or expose these few people.  I believe it is to pass my experiences onto my brother and sister Catholics with this message: Re-affirm your faith and belief in God, and turn to your priests and bishops for guidance, this is not a time to become a lapsed Catholic, it is a time to follow the teachings of Christ to the letter.

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