The Market Economy is Heartless

The way the market economy is run by these people is completely heartless.

They deprive the poorest people in our society, the most vulnerable, and the most in need of a hand up.

They turn working class people against one and other by blaming the poorest of all as being scroungers, dole cheats, and parasites and pledge to take their benefits away from them, and we all cheer and agree.

Of course there is a misuse and abuse of the system by a very small minority of claimants, but compared to the abuses of tax payers’ money by the MPs and all politicians, it’s just a drop of rain in the ocean.  But I can tell you this: if I had been reporting a person, or persons for working and drawing benefits, the police would have been right round to my house, taking statements, and those offenders would have been punished swiftly, and would have been plastered over all the local newspapers front pages.  But report arms dealers, and executives in the financial services, and doctors who falsify documents and over medicate patients-purposely, and you get side-lined, and ignored.  Its one law for the rich and powerful, and another for the working class!

And I am sure you will agree if you believe what I have written.

I have experienced this first hand. I have been portrayed as someone who was fit to work, when that is the one thing I was most incapable of doing, by a doctor brought in by the DSS, and who I believe was getting paid £50 for every patient or claimant that he tested, and I believe some of these DSS doctors were seeing ten plus patients a day, and only taking minutes to come to their conclusion that claimants were fit for work.

Here is a question for you to ponder:  ‘Do you think it’s possible, that there is a quota of patients that you had to say were fit to work, and although you’re not told that this is the case, if you didn’t cotton on quickly that that is what’s expected, your services would no longer be needed, and that means your £500 a day minimum goes right out of the window, that there are some who would fall in line with that unspoken rule?’

Frightening as it is to even think that this is the case, let me assure you that it is.  Do not be fooled by these people, it is just a way of taking the focus off what they themselves are doing.

The Mid Staffordshire Hospital NHS Trust, that let 1,200 patients die in such appalling conditions, is a prime example of doctors putting their job and career before the welfare of patients.  Don’t tell me that not one doctor complained, and don’t tell me that no nurses or hospital worker complained about the plight of these poor people!

So where is the evidence of these complaints? And why weren’t the relatives given the public enquiry they wanted?

The reason is to protect the offenders, and let those responsible slink off unpunished, and able to carry on in their profession, unscathed by it all!

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